Jonesboro recycling bins to go from $20 to $50 for those who don’t buy soon

JONESBORO, Ark. – As America celebrates its birthday, the City of Jonesboro is celebrating the first week of the new blue recycling cart program.

Replacing the blue bag program, the carts have been available for pre-order this year at a discounted rate of $20 plus tax (for the first bin). This is the final planned week for that discounted rate to be available, however.

So stop procrastinating and get one now! Call 870-932-3042 (Collections) to get yours!

“We will continue to be one of the few cities that provides this service for free, but we are asking residents to invest with us because of the startup cost,” Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said last December, when the program was announced. “Most cities charge a recycling fee, but all we ask is that people buy the bins, and $20 is a bargain-basement price.”

Once the early-bird program ends, the City will sell the bins for about the same price they paid – $50. Those purchasing multiple bins for one residence also must pay $50 after their first. However, if a landlord wanted to buy a bin for each of his rental units, Campbell said it would be $20 per residence for the first one.

About 6,000 of the blue bins have been purchased by residents of Jonesboro, so far, Communications Director Bill Campbell told NEA Report on Thursday. But the City purchased 10,000 total – so they would like to see more houses sign up.

A city source indicated it was being discussed to extend the $20 purchase-period for another two weeks, but no decisions were firm, yet, as of this publication.



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