Another bicycle/pedestrian accident reported Monday on Johnson in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – An area of Jonesboro which seems to be a constant location of pedestrian/vehicle accidents has added yet another to its list of casualties.

At 7:25 PM at the 4300-block of East Johnson Avenue in Jonseboro, the accident was reported to Jonesboro Police Department. Officers said a gray 2007 Kia passenger car, driven by Dustin Michaud, was traveling south in a parking lot attempting to make a right turn onto East Johnson Avenue to head west.

At that time, a blue mountain bicycle, driven by Shavon Hale, was traveling east on the north shoulder of East Johnson Avenue. The Kia pulled out onto Johnson with the driver not seeing the cyclist, the report said.

The bicyclist was pinned under the vehicle. Several civilians reportedly lifted the vehicle enough for the cyclist to be pulled out from underneath it. The injured cyclist was then airlifted by Air Evact to Regional One in Memphis. Injuries were said to be non-life threatening but one witness told NEA Report the cyclist may have suffered a compound fracture.

The report was not conclusive on who’s fault the accident was. A blood draw was completed on the driver at a nearby hospital, the report said.

Johnson Avenue separates North Jonesboro from the campus of Arkansas State University and has proven to be a dangerous roadway rife with traffic accidents. Poor lighting in areas along with fast speed limits and pedestrians who cross the roadways in random locations have all contributed to serious accidents, many of which NEA Report has reported from.

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  1. this report is incorrect. Mr Michaud was NOT driving the vehicle, he was the victim on the bicycle who was run over you have the driver and bike rider reversed. Please make sure you have your facts straight before you put something in print anywhere. thank you

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