Family: Someone stole our loved one’s ashes in Jonesboro

Photo on the left shows what should be. Photo on the right is the broken monument Sunday.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Why someone would steal the remains of a cremated loved one remains a mystery to a Jonesboro woman asking for the community’s help.

At about 4 p.m. Sunday, Tracy Peevey Roberts posted on Facebook that she had to relive the worst day of her life all over again. Her brother, Robert Riley Peevey, passed away on Oct. 13, 2015. Less than three years later, still grieving, Roberts discovered the unthinkable: someone stole her brothers remains from their storage at Loberg Lane and West Matthews Avenue, across from Woodlawn Cemetery.

“My parents do not deserve to relive this tragic day,” she wrote. “Today we lost my brother again.”

Apparently, someone broke the memorial of Peevey, her post said. Then, the perpetrator took his ashes. She said police were able to lift prints. A theft report, presumably this incident, was made during the aforementioned time with JPD and is under investigation.

Before the theft. Photo by Tracy Peevey Roberts.

The woman asked the community to share her story. She said she is offering $1,000 for the return of the ashes, no questions asked.

However, she is offering $2,000 for the information leading to the arrest of the person who did it.

“Who does this?,” asked Roberts. “This sums up part of today’s society. No compassion, empathy, sympathy. Just actions with no concern for others or consequences.”

If you know who may have been responsible, contact Crimestoppers of Jonesboro at 870-935-STOP (7867)

Photo on the left shows what should be. Photo on the right is the broken monument Sunday.

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