Bay man’s show rabbits killed by loose dogs

BAY, Ark. – A man came home to find three dogs tearing into a rabbit pen and ripping his show rabbits to pieces Sunday morning in Bay.

It was reported between 8:51 a.m. and 10:08 a.m., the incident report with Craighead County Sheriff’s Office said. The man, 59, said two white dogs and a brown dog were getting into his rabbit pens. He said one of the dogs pulled a rabbit through the wire and killed it. The dogs also, “pulled the hide and meat off of two more rabbits in adjacent pens,” the owner reported.

The man said as he came upon his property, he shot at the dogs with a .22 rifle two times. One of the shots hit the target, wounding one of the dogs.

The man went back to his house and called the sheriff’s department. When the man spoke to the deputy, he said this is the second time this week this has happened.

The deputy made contact with the dogs’ owner, a woman, 30, who was told she would need to get the dog medical treatment. She may also be responsible for reimbursing the rabbit owner for the damage caused by her dogs.

No charges were filed.

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