15-year-old suspected robber arrested

JONESBORO, Ark. – A teenager was arrested Wednesday after allegedly robbing a Dollar General store in Jonesboro and getting into a physical scuffle with a customer in the process.

At 6:38 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 17, Jonesboro Police Department officers were dispatched to Dollar General at 101 East Johnson Avenue where a theft had already occurred. An employee said she noticed the young male suspect had concealed items under his coat. She asked that he return them. At the same time, a customer began to assist her and a struggle broke out between the customer and the 15-year-old. The unruly teen then told the manager he would, “fucking hit” her if she touched him, the report said.

During the struggle, the suspect’s coat came off. That’s when he got out of the business and left the area.

Police noticed the young man matching the given description walking down Labaurne Street near the intersection with Word Street. Being the only person outside without a coat on, the young suspect stood out on the frigid sub-zero temperature evening. Police stopped him and although he claimed he hadn’t been at Dollar General, authorities verified through security footage he had been.

He was taken to the juvenile detention center to be charged with robbery.

Police tried to make contact with his mother and grandmother but were unable to reach them. Neither were at their last known addresses. The arrestee said he didn’t know what his current address was.

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