Shoplifting suspect arrested after struggle at Dillards

Photo taken in 2017 by Stan Morris

Woman became irate when questioned about theft

JONESBORO, Ark. – An agitated woman went from cursing to exposing her breasts to resisting arrest all in the span of a few minutes during a reported shoplifting call JPD worked this week.

At about 7:50 p.m. Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, Officer Kaitlyn Newby arrived at The Mall at Turtle Creek in Jonesboro to assist with a shoplifting call at Dillards. The officer made contact with a male detective who arrived first. Newby also met the suspect, Mallery R. Jackson, 20, of Wynne.

Jackson. Source: CCSO

The female officer asked her if she had any merchandise from the store on her. Her report said Jackson denied having anything on her and then, “became very irate.” Using a word that rhymes with ducking several times, the suspect claimed she had “tried stuff on” but gave it back. She said the only thing she had was a shirt hanging on her arm. She insisted she had nothing on her.

The officer asked her to step around the corner to be searched. Jackson angrily complied, the report details.The two walked around the corner and Jackson lifted her shirt, exposing her breasts in Dillards, while saying, “See! I have nothing. Go ahead.”

“I immediately told her to cover herself and to turn to face away from me and stand still so I could search her,” The officer wrote.

While searching the antsy suspect, the female officer said she found several stolen items. Jackson stated she bought them.

The officer went to look at security footage in the security office. During that time, she looked at the live video feed and noticed the suspect was becoming even more unreasonable. Jackson could be heard yelling. Newby rushed back to put the suspect in custody.

The report indicates Jackson wasn’t willing to cooperate without a struggle. Refusing several verbal commands, the suspect pulled her arms away as police tried to cuff her. Finally, they secured her and took her to the car. Newby reported the woman resisted the entire time.  Jackson was secured in the patrol car and transported to Craighead County Detention Center, where she vomited upon arrival.

During the jail search, the report said the alleged stolen merchandise was retrieved and placed in an evidence bag. As is standard for officers dropping off suspects at the jail, Newby searched her patrol car before leaving. She located a white long sleeve Nike shirt, the report said, and added evidence tampering to the suspect’s pending charges.

Jackson faces charges including theft, $1,000 or less; resisting arrest; obstructing governmental operations; and tampering with physical evidence.

She was released about an hour later on a $2,320 cash or surety bond.

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