Feedback needed on raising Arkansas speed limits

Submit feedback through Dec. 13

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) wants your opinion if speed limits should be raised.

ARDOT’s 2017 Speed Limit Review to determine the feasibility of increasing the speed limits on State highways is now available for review and comment, a release said.

Since the repeal of the National Maximum Speed Law in 1995, the authority to establish speed limits on state highway systems has rested with each of the individual states. The Department conducted an engineering and traffic investigation to determine the feasibility of increasing speed limits after passage of Act 1097 to “Amend the Law Concerning Speed Limits” by the 91st General Assembly of the Arkansas State Legislature earlier this year.

At an October 18th meeting, the Arkansas Highway Commission passed a minute order accepting the draft study and is now publishing it for public comment for a 45-day period. The draft Speed Limit Review and a comment form are available on the ARDOT website at

The study made the following recommendations:

  • Rural Interstates – 75 miles per hour (mph)
  • Urban Interstates – 65 mph
  • Rural Multi-Lane Highways – 65 mph, unless an engineering study determines the need for a lower speed limit.
  • Other Rural Highways – 55 mph, with the option to increase the speed limit to 60 mph on individual highways where an engineering study determines that a higher speed limit is warranted.

The direct link to submit comments to the ARDOT is here.

The Study will remain available for public comment until Wednesday, December 13th, 2017.

Press Release – ARDOT

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