State Police: How to use the left turn lane

Arkansas State Police FB

JONESBORO, Ark. – On Monday afternoon, an older couple drove down the left turning lane on Caraway Road in Jonesboro as an NEA Reporter watched them conveniently pass a line of traffic to reach their destination.

As they passed drive after drive, it was clear they weren’t using the lane to turn. The couple was using it to travel – a traffic violation, per police. Although no accident or traffic stop came of the Monday incident, these situations are what inspired Arkansas State Police to do “Learn the Law Tuesdays” on their Facebook page. In the spirit of these posts, visible in full below, NEA Report is sharing useful traffic tips for drivers in our area.

In short, the lane can be used for two things:

  1. Turning Left.
  2. Making a left-hand turn from an intersecting street or driveway to utilize a center left-turn lane as part of the maneuver to gain access to or to merge into the traffic lanes (without accelerating)

Number one is easy. Number two might be a bit more confusing. Basically, you can use the center lane to bypass oncoming traffic as you wait for an opening in the traffic flow of your destination-lane. However, you can’t drive down the lane. You have to wait, at a stop, until you can merge right and continue on your way.

Helpful information for those left-hand turns on Red Wolf Boulevard or Caraway Road.

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