New logo for A-State alumni association

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Arkansas State University Alumni Association has unveiled a new logo, according to Lindsay Burnett, executive director of the association.

The logo, which incorporates the Arkansas State University name, a cropped Red Wolf design and a modernized font, gives the association a new branding mark that will last well into the future.

“We are very excited to display our new logo,” said Burnett.  “This is the culmination of a project that has been underway for many months, and we are very pleased with our new look.”

“The new logo features a more streamlined and compact design,” added Burnett.  “It’s one that better matches the overall image of the entire university, and has a modern, clean approach that will stand the test of time and serve the organization well for many years to come.”

The new logo is part of several updates to the A-State Alumni Association, including putting a new emphasis on utilizing “A-State.”

“As Arkansas State University continues to graduate record numbers of alumni, these graduates naturally identify more with the ‘A-State’ terminology,” Burnett said.  “With over 80,000 alumni and students around the world, it’s important to keep the Alumni Association synonymous with A-State in every way possible as the university continues to emerge as a nationally-known institution.”

References to the A-State Alumni Association and the new logo are already being used on the association’s website and social media accounts.

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