Pursuit ends in major wreck on I-555 at Bay

BAY, Ark. – The accident we reported on our Facebook page on I-555 at the Bay exit was from a police pursuit, an anonymous source tells NEA Report.

The car was stopped at the Nestle Road exit on I-555 by State Police when it took off, I am told. At the Bay exit, the pursuit went bad for the suspect.

The vehicle reportedly went airborne for 150 to 200 feet before it came crashing down. It caught fire but despite the incredible crash, the man was pulled out before the vehicle became fully engulfed. A commenter on our Facebook page said he saw smoke several miles away.

The suspect’s legs were reportedly badly damaged in the crash but he’s expected to live. He was airlifted to The Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

His name is not known to NEA Report at this time.

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  1. Suspect’s vehicle was a red dodge charger with confederate flags and a horn that played dixie..

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