Jonesboro recycling schedule shifts to twice a month

JONESBORO, Ark. – Those who recycle with blug bags began receiving yellow cards indicating their forthcoming recycling schedule, beginning July 1, 2017.

Previously, recycling crews picked up blue bags each week on the same day that trash ran. However, to make the program more economically feasible for Abilities Unlimited, who handles the recycling contract, the schedule will change to twice per month, either the first and third regular trash day or the second and fourth regular trash day.

Jonesboro residents have begun to receive yellow stickers to affix to their trash bin with their scheduled trash and recycling pick up days respectively printed.

Jonesboro Recycling Schedule (July 1, 2017)

Trash Day – Recycling Schedule

Monday – 1st & 3rd Monday (All of Monday’s trash route)

Tuesday – 1st & 3rd Tuesday (Tuesday trash route, South of Highland)

Tuesday – 2nd & 4th Tuesday (Tuesday trash route, North of Highland)

Wednesday – 1st & 3rd Wednesday (Wednesday trash route, East of Patrick)

Wednesday – 2nd & 4th Wednesday (Wednesday trash route, West of Patrick)

Thursday – 1st & 3rd Thursday (Thursday trash route, East of Culberhouse)

Thursday – 2nd & 4th Thursday (Thursday trash route, West of Culberhouse)

Friday – 1st & 3rd Friday (Friday trash route, South of Railroad North of the Airport)

Friday – 2nd & 4th Friday (Friday trash route, North of Railroad North of the Airport)


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