Walnut Ridge gets a new type of trash truck

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Trash pickup crews may need a little practice with their new truck before the craft is perfected.

On Monday, June 19, the new trash truck arrived for the City of Walnut Ridge. It debuted in a video by the city on their Facebook page, showing the truck (attempting to) perform a trash pickup.

The results are visible in the video. 

Residential trash cart distribution will start on July 5 and take up to three days to complete. The can in the video is a 54 gallon bin but the city is ordering 96 gallon trash bins to use. Nothing will be picked up unless it is in one of these bins or is through the non-residential program with the city.

A second can will be available at an additional per month fee, with a deposit on the can.

Watch the City of WR Facebook page or The Times Dispatch for more information on the new rules and regulations.

The city also posted on their page that the failed attempt in the video was the first try for the driver.

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