Suspected cop killer moved to Craighead County

JONESBORO, Ark. – As a prosecutor asks the public for patience, the suspected killer of a beloved Newport police officer sits in Craighead County.

On Wednesday, investigators with the Arkansas State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department continued to review evidence and follow leads in the investigation of Tyler Calamese regarding the fatal shooting of Newport Police Department Lt. Patrick Weatherford, said Third Judicial District Prosecutor Henry Boyce. 

“The investigation is ongoing and when the effort is complete, and we have had the chance to review the evidence in its entirety, we will then be able to make a final charging decision,” Boyce said in a release. “We ask for patience from the press and the public in order that this emotionally charged case be handled properly.”

Numerous outlets incorrectly reported Calamese had been charged Wednesday morning in Jackson County Circuit Court. Probable cause was found to hold Calamese in the capital murder investigation but no charges have been filed as of Wednesday at 4 p.m., Boyce confirmed.

Calamese was transferred on Wednesday afternoon to Craighead County Detention Center. Craighead Sheriff Marty Boyd said his department was offering assistance in any way possible to Jackson County. This move was to avoid safety issues in Jackson County, as many were particularly close to the murder victim.

NEA Report was there as Calamese arrived at the jail.

At Calamese’s bond hearing, an investigator said he confessed to the murder to him during questioning, Boyce confirmed.

Boyce said he and his deputies had many hours of interviews and footage to pour over and that he would not file formal charges until he was satisfied he had been thorough with the evidence.

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This story has been updated to appropriately reflect the status of charges for the suspect.

Photo and story by Stan Morris, NEA Report

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