Over $10,000 in valuables reported stolen during burglary, plus other reports from JPD released Tuesday

JONESBORO, Ark. – A substantial theft was reported Monday to the Jonesboro Police Department detailing a crime that took place over the weekend.

Between Saturday at 8 AM and Monday afternoon, a suspect cut the screen off of a window and kicked in the front door of an apartment at the 3700-block of School Street. Once inside, various pieces of jewelry and valuables were stolen. Among the items reported taken:

  • Four 14-carat gold banded diamond rings (Valued at $6,000)
  • Four 14-carat gold necklaces ($2,400)
  • One gold Rolex watch ($6,500)
  • $1,300 in cash
  • One Sony PS4 – with GTA 5 ($400)

Anyone with information about this crime may contact JPD at 870-935-5657.

Other police reports released Tuesday

A homeless male was arrested at St. Bernards Behavioral Health after an assault on an employee. It was mostly minor injuries inflicted but assaulting a medical professional is a felony count of battery.

A suspected shoplifter at Love’s truck stop on Parker Road was caught with crystal meth and pills. Allen Elliot Daniels, 41, was arrested.

It began as a traffic stop for running a red light but a parole violator landed himself in even deeper trouble after allegedly trying to swallow a piece of paper with meth inside. Jason Woods, 40, of Jonesboro, was arrested with numerous credit and debit cards belonging to others along with six glass meth pipes, suspected meth residue, a small torch, three used needles, and clear plastic baggies. The arrest happened between 1 AM and 3:47 AM Tuesday morning at the intersection of Cate and East Street.

Two possibly juvenile suspects broke into Spring at 1801 Red Wolf Blvd sometime after 11 PM Monday night. They broke a glass door to gain entry but while they were doing it, the manager was watching them on a security camera and calling police. It appeared no arrests were made from the report.

A burglary was reported at Great American Hotels, 2407 Phillips Drive yesterday. It was believed to have happened between Monday and Tuesday. The suspect broke a window and entered the hotel. It wasn’t clear if anything was stolen or if someone had been using the location to stay in. No one was found.

A 64-year-old man filed a report Monday claiming that two Memphis police officers stole $4,033 in cash and his Capital One credit card. Most of the details of the report were masked.

A theft was reported by Jonesboro Cycle & ATV Monday from over the weekend. Saturday night around 11:50 PM, a red 1998-2001 Dodge Ram pulled into the back of the property and stole a brand new green Kawasaki Motorcycle. They took apart the fence to gain access and then put the fence back together.

A report filed Monday detailed an incident that allegedly happened Sunday, May 10 at Park Lake Apartments in Jonesboro. The report states a man went to ask numerous black males to stop sitting on his vehicle. When he did, an argument ensued. As the man walked back to his apartment, three of the suspects allegedly pulled out firearms and pointed them toward their apartment windows. The police were called and the suspects were all gone by the time authorities arrived. Pointing a gun at someone in a manner described could be felony aggravated assault charges for the guilty party.

A report said suspects swerved their vehicle toward a victim and even pointed a gun at her as well. It happened over the weekend and the report was filed online – but it wasn’t clear what day it occurred, due to the nature of the report. It was alleged to have happened at the 1700-block of Irby Street.

A theft report was filed by Razorback Concrete, 3001 West Parker Road, on Monday. Thieves apparently stole a trailer from the business between May 5 and May 6. No suspects were in the report.



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