Jonesboro business hit with bank fraud

JONESBORO, Ark. – A local business owner was hit with check fraud, her report to police said, after a check from her account for several thousand dollars was cashed in North Little Rock.

The report was made on Friday at Jonesboro Police Department on Caraway Road. A business owner, Maira Campos, told Sergeant Brad Rossman she owns a small business called Campos Investments, LLC., out of Jonesboro. She was checking her bank account on Friday morning for the business when she found a charge she didn’t make.

A check for $2,300 had been cashed in North Little Rock and the check number was out-of-order with her other checks. The victim found the original check in her checkbook, unused.

It isn’t known how the suspect was able to get her information to manufacture a forged check.

The victim also said she contacted Simmons Bank, 3929 McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock – where the check was cashed the day before. She said she learned the check was cashed by a man using the name of Jimmy Bridges, 71, of Jacksonville. It is unknown if Bridges is the actual perpetrator or if the man was using his name and license.

North Little Rock Police Department will take over the investigation.

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