New "Love Lock Lane" installed in Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – If you really love someone, there is a new way to show it in Pocahontas, thanks to the generosity of a local business.

The Pocahontas Love Lock Lane was recently installed at Black River Overlook Park in Pocahontas by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. The fencing was donated by Lesmeister Guesthouse to create the Pocahontas Love Lock Lane at Black River Overlook Park.

Without any fanfare, over 20 couples have already discovered the new addition to the park and installed their locks, the Lesmeister blog said.

What are Love Locks

Love Locks are normal padlocks with one change – couples engrave, or write, their names, anniversary dates or other important details signifying love. The lock is attached to the fence, then the key is thrown away, symbolizing the couple’s unbroken love. The idea came to Lesmeister Guesthouse owner, Pat Carroll, during a trip a few years ago to Europe.

“I first saw love locks a few years ago when I visited Paris, France,” Carroll blogged. “The rails of the bridges over the River Seine there are covered with thousands and thousands of love locks. I thought it was a great idea, and wanted to bring it home to Pocahontas. After discussing the idea with Pocahontas Mayor Kary Story, he gave the go-ahead to make the installation. It’s a wonderful thing Pocahontas can now offer, to local residents and visitors as well.”

Love locks in Paris, France. Photo from, by user: Disdero

Patrons can use any padlock. The city’s Visitor Information Center, in the old train depot nearby the park, sells padlocks. The center also has an engraving machine.

Pocahontas Mayor Kary Story told NEA Report he was approached with the idea last year and knew it was a great idea. He said he knew he wanted to take action on it.

“We’re lucky here in our city to have some very unique thinkers,” Story said. “That idea was brought to me probably a year ago and here during the last winter, we made it came to life. Lesmeister Guesthouse, Pat Carroll of course, sponsored the Love Lock Lane. It cost the city nothing and gives added tourism aspects to our town. We’re really excited about it. It’s taken off pretty well. I was down there yesterday and was surprised by how many locks were on the Love Lock Lane wall.”


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