Feb. agenda set for Walnut Ridge council meeting

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Old and new business will be addressed at this month’s Walnut Ridge City Council meeting, according to information released by Mayor Charles Snapp to NEA Report.

Old Business

Ritter Franchise Agreement is up for the third and final reading to allow them to expand in to the Walnut Ridge area.

New Business

Ordinance to change Construction Elevations: This paperwork may not be ready. If it is, it will be designed to lower the minimum construction height required in a flood zone.

Budget Clean up Resolution: This is an annual requirement for line item expenses that went over budget in 2016 designed to keep the City records in compliance with audit requirements. Overall the City operated under budget for 2016, yet there were some line items that went over.

Resolution for an extra office employee: This is a budget resolution requesting funding be approved to add another employee to the City Hall staff. With the City Clerk going without an assistant and the fact that numerous duties have been combined at City Hall, the extra staff is needed.

A Resolution to set an alley closing date: This will set an actual date for the Public Hearing on the closure of the Alley just south of West Main Street, going West off of S.W. 7th. Originally a public hearing was scheduled to start at 5:30, on February 20th, but upon checking regulations the City Clerk determined the City Council had to set the date for the hearing, not the staff at City Hall. That is the purpose of this resolution.
NOTE: The request for an alley closing is related to the request for rezoning, described in todays minutes.

Community Center Transfer: Is an update from the committee about the possibility of turning the Community Center over to the school.

2017 Committee update: Review of question, if any, pertaining to those who have been asked to serve on various committees.

Ordinance to rezone 122 S.W. 7th Street: This is a rezoning is for a change from an R-1 to a C-2 at the intersection of S.W. 7th and West Elm Street lots 9-12, Block 24 Fontaine addition. This is the land on the South side of the alley mentioned earlier in this email. A public hearing on the re-zoning request was held earlier this month with the Planning Commission.

Resolution to amend the Comprehensive Plan: This resolution will allow the City to modify their mapping for zoning, in the event the rezoning request passes.

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