Update: "No plans" to close or move NEARA

POWHATAN, Ark. – Following up on a story NEA Report did in January, the Director, Department of Arkansas Heritage has said there are no plans to close or move NEARA, according to Lawrence County Historical Society President Lloyd Clark.

Clark said the director informed him there are no plans to close the NEARA or the documents but they have no plans to fill the second position.

“They apparently fail to understand what the employees do there,” Clark said in a Facebook post. “Yes, they serve the public, but just as important is the task of cataloging and recording the documents in the collection. There is several years of work just to go thru the documents listing them on digital.files and in some cases taking steps to preserve them for future use. If no customers came through the door there is years of work to do.”

The Northeast Arkansas Archives are a source of hundreds of years of history hidden in the tiny town of Powhatan. Read our original story to learn more. 

Clark also said there will be a reception held to honor the 6th anniversary of NEARA from 12 noon to 3 p.m. on Friday, March 3rd at the Powhatan School and the NEARA which is next door. The public is invited.

Clark added during a meeting of the Lawrence County Historical Society, a vote was held to support the NEARA by sponsoring a $2500.00 grant to match another offer by a member donor. This will fund two internships at the NEARA – one per year.

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