Traffic stop ends in car full of arrests

JONESBORO, Ark. – Using a turn signal is just good etiquette but it is also the law – and a group who ended up in jail learned that the hard way early Monday.

At 2:49 a.m. Monday morning, Jonesboro Police Department’s Officer Trey Chism noticed a red passenger car fail to use it’s turn signal as it was turning right into the parking lot of the Citgo Gas Station at Highland Drive and Red Wolf Boulevard. Chism began a traffic stop, making contact with the driver, Christopher Pippin, 28, the front passenger – Jenny Hodgkiss, 21, and the rear passenger, Michael Edward Yates, 38, all three of Jonesboro.

“Dispatch advised Pippin had city warrants and that both Pippin and Hodgkiss were on active supervision probation,” Chism reported. “I began a search of the vehicle. Near the center console, I located a piece of foam that had been cut out to hold a meth pipe. Where the bowl would go on the foam, there were several burn marks.”

Chism’s search would continue.

“I noticed that the back seat had been pulled out,” Chism said. “Under the back seat I found a green meth pipe with what appears to be meth residue in the bowl. None of the passengers wanted to take ownership so all parties were taken into custody. I contacted Hodgkiss’ and Pippin’ Probation Officer and they advised to place a hold on then.”

After interviews with the suspects, all three admitted to having known of the pipe being present but none would claim ownership of it. Due to this, all three suspects face felony charges of possession of meth and possession of paraphernalia. All three ended up in Craighead County Detention Center.

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