Report: Ex trashed victim's home

JONESBORO, Ark. – A break up is generally never easy but a Jonesboro man is accused of making it a nightmare for a female victim.

It was reported to Jonesboro police at about 4:10 p.m. Monday evening at the 3500-block of Rustic Cove. While the victim had been gone, the suspect, an ex with whom child was conceived, was to come move his things out of the residence. Instead of retrieving his property, the suspect allegedly destroyed hers, by trashing the residence.

Officer Tanner Huff described the chaos in his narrative. 

“When I walked into the residence everything in the kitchen area was trashed and the stove and oven was left on,” Huff said. “The refrigerator was flipped over on its side and torn away from the wall. The clothes washer was ripped away from the wall and flipped over on its side. The clothes dryer had been ripped away from the wall. The Microwave had been thrown on the floor and the glass was busted out.”

“All of the dishes that were in the kitchen cabinets had been removed and thrown on the floor. The floor was covered glass and broken dishes. In the living room area all the furniture had been flipped upside down and the entertainment center was broken apart. The television was laying face down in the floor with the screen busted. Every picture frame and item that was hanging on the walls had been torn down and broken apart. There was glass and other debris in the floor as well.”

“There were three bedrooms in the back of the house. The closets were open with all of the clothes inside thrown out onto the floor. The back two bedrooms had the windows to the outside busted out. The third bedroom had the door ripped in half. There was a small closet in the hallway that had the door ripped off the hinges and thrown into one of the bedrooms. In the bathroom that was also in the hallway, the toilet was busted and the shower curtain was ripped away from the wall. The suspect also turned on all of the water faucets on the sinks throughout the house and left them on. The back of the house was flooded.”

The interior damage exceeded $5,000, making this a felony charge of criminal mischief, if convicted. The suspect was named to JPD but pending his arrest, he is not being identified by media.

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