Fundraiser set up for Dollar Tree victim

Laurie Pixler was tragically killed after the criminals dropped her off on the side of I-555. She was hit and killed by traffic, as it was the middle of the night when the criminals dropped her off. Photo Source:

JONESBORO, Ark. – The family of Laurie Pixler has set up a fundraiser to help pay for her funeral expenses.

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Pixler was the Dollar Tree assistant manager who was robbed, abducted Sunday night and killed on the Interstate. Police are investigating the crime and trying to find out exactly what happened but it may be up to a week before information about her death is received from the State Crime Lab.

With questions and uncertainties in their minds, the family of Pixler must lay her to rest. According to the fundraiser set up by Pixler’s sister-in-law, Tori Pixler. Laurie had a husband and daughter – and her husband is disabled. He will be caring for their three-year-old girl by himself, now.

“Assistance with funeral and other related expenses created by this tragedy is sincerely appreciated,” the fundraiser says.

According to the page, Pixler worked two jobs to meet the family financial needs. Her tragic death, which is devastating in itself, will increase the financial burden the family will face.

“I am asking for any help to lighten the load of our family,” Tori Pixler wrote. “Her husband has been focusing on how to explain to their three year old that her mommy won’t be coming home.”

Over $2,000 has been raised so far in the fundraiser, giving the family hope of a suitable burial for their lost loved one. More is obviously needed, though.

“Laurie was a very giving person and it would be so heart-warming to me, her family and friends to have people do unto her family after her passing as she did unto people in life,” Tori Pixler wrote. “Her final post on fb read, ‘Good morning everyone hope everybody has a beautiful day!’

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  1. Why is Dollar Tree not paying for this funeral
    This was a sweet lady that lost her life because of robbery at Dollar Tree
    They should make sure the family is taken care of

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