Repossession goes bad for Jonesboro woman

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. — Waking up to find your car has been repossessed isn’t the ideal way to start your day, but for one Jonesboro woman the bad luck didn’t stop there.

The Jonesboro Police Department responded to a theft Wednesday morning at the 5000-block of Mill Creek Cove in Jonesboro. The victim told police her vehicle had been stolen the night before while she slept.

Upon further investigation, Jonesboro police learned the victim’s vehicle had been repossessed by Statewide Recovery and Towing, an agency out of North Little Rock. However, when police told the victim what had happened, she had a little more evidence to show them.

The victim showed officers a considerable amount of damage that seemed to have been done during the repossession. Police noted one of the wooden posts of the carport was knocked down and moved to the grass beside the house. According to a police report, the post had fresh holes on both the top and bottom that seemed consistent with the head of a hammer.

The vehicle that was towed was located underneath the carport and police believe the post was moved so that the car could be towed at an angle. The victim explained to officers that according to her repossession clause with the car dealership, her personal property could only be moved during a repossession if it was peaceful and legal. According to the police report, responding officers determined the removal of a load bearing post attached to a residence was unsafe and not necessary to retrieve a vehicle.

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