Officers use K9 to apprehend fugitive

JONESBORO — The Arkansas Community Correction Special Response Team Northeast Squad had an exciting afternoon Wednesday after hearing a suspect wanted for absconding and felony warrants was in Jonesboro.

The suspect, Ronnie Brewer, 63, was seen entering a residence at the 4000 block of E. Johnson Ave. After several attempts knocking trying to get the suspect to come to the door police had no success and proceeded to enter with their K9 partner.

The K9 began to clear the residence and alerted to an odor at a closet in the southernmost bedroom but was unable to get to the source due to the amount of debris. Officers began to move boxes from the pile when they came across blue tarp that wouldn’t budge due to something, or someone, being inside it.

Police gave orders for Brewer to come out and he slowly complied but would not turn towards officers allowing them to take him into custody. Officers ordered him to the ground and when he again refused they physically brought him down.

Brewer was transported to the Craighead County Detention Center where he was cited for 24 non-payment of fines and failure to attend a domestic violence class. He was given a court date of 1 p.m. on July 18 and was being held on a $8,804.68 cash only bond.

Brewer was also left for a felony Bench Warrant and 23 misdemeanor warrants out of Craighead County.

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