It pays to live by police – especially if you overdose

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. — Living next to a police officer certainly can have its advantages, especially if you happen to accidentally overdose on meth.

The officer in question, Jonesboro Police Department’s Adam Hampton, was at his home Tuesday night on Craighead Forest Road when he heard a commotion followed by a knock on his door. Hampton answered to find his neighbor in a frantic state, exclaiming his wife had passed out and needed help.

The two rushed to the scene of the incident where Hampton found the victim lying on the bed, limp, and dry heaving. The officer tried to comfort and calm the victim down. At the same time, he noticed fresh track marks on both her and her husband.

The victim was able to tell police she had shot up a full gram of meth that night and her husband confirmed they had also both used the night before. When he arrived home that night, however, he found his wife laying on the bathroom floor.

Police investigated the area the victim was originally found and were able to recover a box filled with syringes, spoons with residue and cotton pieces inside.

The Jonesboro Fire Department arrived shortly after and the victim was taken to the hospital with her husband by her side. He was not arrested at the time so that he could accompany his wife. Police also discovered two the victim had non-payment of fines warrants through Jonesboro.

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