Affidavit: Men entered home with rope, gun before resident killed intruder

JONESBORO, Ark. – Motives, means, and methods are described in new documents released about a late Sunday night shooting in Jonesboro.

Officers responded to a call of several shots being fired at the 1300-block of Flint Avenue in Jonesboro Sunday night. When they arrived, a scene of blood and chaos awaited the Jonesboro Police Department.

A resident, Ryan Wilson, 33, reported he had purchased an AR-15 from Brandon Edwards, 30, of Jonesboro, but still owed $150 on the item. During a heated exchange over the phone, according to Wilson, Edwards said he was coming to Wilson’s home on Flint Avenue.

Wilson said he told him not to but a short time later, he heard a knock at the door. While walking to the door, Wilson said he saw the doorknob turning and Edwards, along with James Bryan Campbell, 30, of Jonesboro, barged into the home with force.

Wilson said he saw a rope in Edwards hands and Edwards was telling him he was going to tie Wilson up and kill him. All the while, Edwards and Campbell were being told to leave the man’s home, according to his account to officers in the probable cause affidavit filed against Campbell.

Police investigate a shooting at the 1300 block of Flint, near Nettleton, in Jonesboro Monday morning. (Stan Morris | NEA Report)

While backing up, Wilson eventually reached the area where his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle was located and picked it up, aimed it at the two men in his home and told them again to leave, Wilson said, but the men still refused. That’s when Wilson said he noticed Campbell had a black “assault-style weapon” and believed the two men intended to carry out the threats.

Wilson started shooting and during the chaos, believed he heard Campbell shoot the gun he carried into the other man’s home. He fired several shots, retreated to a window and then actually shot the window out with the gun to jump out of it and escape his own home.

Edwards died from his injuries and Campbell was arrested a short distance from the home.

“In this case Bryan Campbell and Brandon Edwards went into the residence belonging to


Ryan Wilson and threatened to tie him and kill him,” the probable cause affidavit says. “Bryan brought a gun into the house and Brandon brought a rope with lasso into the residence which are both instruments that could be used to carry out the threats. In this case Bryan and Brandon entered the residence unlawfully and committed offenses that would be punishable by imprisonment. Brandon is deceased as a result of this act.”

Campbell faces a class Y felony charge of aggravated residential burglary. It carries with it a potential penalty of 10 to 40 years or life in prison.

He was released Tuesday, June 21, on a $75,000 bond. He will be in court next July 29.

The resident, Wilson, was not charged with a crime.

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