Tuckerman water looks like Flint, Mich. water

TUCKERMAN, Ark. – A woman’s Facebook post about her murky tap water in Tuckerman has gone viral, with several thousand shares.

Dena Sue Williams posted the photo that appeared to be a glass of southern Arkansas sweet tea. The caption is what seemed to blow the minds of readers. 

“This is our water in Tuckerman Ar today, been like this for awhile and nothing is being done about it,” she wrote.

Locals know it as a different type of tea, unaffectionately called “Tuckerman tea.”

The post came across the newsfeed of many former residents, including Kelley Erway. She wrote people have gone to the hospital with “internal burns from drinking some of the water there.”

“I’m so glad I don’t live in Tuckerman anymore,” Erway wrote. “This has been going on for YEARS and we need to do something about it. It’s summer time and nobody can make ice, pour a glass of water, or enjoy a bath or shower to clean the sweat and dirt of the day away with this water. Can’t cook with it, can’t clean with it.”

KAIT reported a “clarifier motor” locked up at a plant, Sunday, causing the incident. An unnamed city source also said the water should be safe.

Amber Odom posted a photo that appeared in her Facebook newsfeed, showing a startling sight coming from the bathtub.



  1. I haven’t lived there for 10 years and it was like that when we lived there 10 years ago. They keep making excuse after excuse

  2. We lived their a couple years ago and the water was bad then also. We would buy bottled water to cook with and white clothes would come out the wash with a dingy color. Folks are afraid to even bath themselves and their children in it. Ive been told they have raised the amount of their bills another $20, so now their bills are closer to $100 a month for mucky water.

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