Caraway Woman Arrested in Jonesboro After Alleged Road Incident

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Caraway woman was arrested Friday in Jonesboro after a police report was filed that alleges she tried to run a victim off of the road.

The incident happened around 11:43 AM on November 10 near the intersection of E. Thomas Green Road and N. Patrick Street. The police report says officers were initially dispatched over a possible kidnapping.

Much of the report is redacted making the exact series of events unclear, but the incident appears to have been chaotic. The report does mention an argument as being involved in the incident. The report also lists two young children as being victims in the incident, one of which was a one-year-old.

Donna Faye Coursey, 60, of Caraway, ended up arrested in the incident. She faces charges including felony aggravated assault and a violation for careless and prohibited driving.

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