Disturbing Allegations of Kidnapping and Rape Surface in Jonesboro

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A recent police report has brought to light deeply troubling allegations of a woman being forcibly pulled into a residence against her will and subjected to sexual assault.

The incident is reported to have occurred between the hours of 4 AM and 6 AM on September 20 at a concealed location within Jonesboro. As investigations continue, many details remain undisclosed due to the ongoing nature of the case. However, the preliminary report indicates that a 31-year-old female victim was violently coerced into the residence and subsequently subjected to sexual assault, with reports of genital bleeding noted in the police report.

The suspect in question is identified as a 36-year-old black male, although his name has been withheld in the report.

Law enforcement authorities are actively pursuing this case, investigating the potential charges of felony first-degree kidnapping and rape. Both of these charges fall under Class Y felonies, carrying severe penalties of up to 40 years in prison or even life imprisonment.

Police are diligently working on this investigation.

For those in need of assistance or support, the NEA Family Crisis Center stands as a vital resource dedicated to safeguarding the rights of women in Northeast Arkansas. They offer counseling, education, legal protection, support services, and aim to keep individuals safe from harm’s way. To access help or gather more information, please visit https://neafamilycrisiscenter.org/. Your safety and well-being matter.

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