More Vehicle Thefts Reported Over the Weekend in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A series of vehicle thefts occurred over the weekend in Jonesboro.

Here’s a summary of the incidents:

  1. West Matthews Avenue Incident: Between 11:40 PM on August 18 and 12:56 AM on August 19, a silver 2013 Kia Optima was stolen from a residence at the 1400-block of West Matthews Avenue. The suspect reportedly used a screwdriver to override the vehicle’s ignition. Several juvenile suspects are listed in the report, and one 15-year-old has been arrested.
  2. East Washington Avenue Incident: Around 1:30 AM on August 19, a 2016 Dodge Charger SCAT pack, red with white and black racing stripes and with “GHOST” across the front window, was stolen from the 200-block of East Washington Avenue.
  3. Fair Park Boulevard Incident: At approximately 2:26 AM on August 19, tires and wheels were stolen from the bed of a victim’s truck at the 2800-block of Fair Park Boulevard.
  4. Burke and Main Street Incident: A white 1997 Mazda truck was reported stolen from a parking lot at Burke and Main Street between 10 PM on August 18 and 8 AM on August 19. The vehicle was located on August 20 near Miller and Belt, with possible stolen construction supplies left inside by the perpetrators.

These incidents continue a worrying trend of vehicle thefts in the area. Local law enforcement is urging residents to lock their cars, park in well-lit areas, and take other precautions to safeguard their vehicles.

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