Jonesboro Radio Group Completes Transition to 100% HD FM Service

Photo: Staff at Jonesboro Radio Group shows off its new GatesAir Flexiva HD Radio transmitter installed for KEGI (100.5 The Eagle). Left to Right: Phil Jamison, Air Talent and Production; Trey Stafford, President/General Manager; Mitch Mahan, Air Talent and Program Director; Alan Simpson, Chief Engineer

Jonesboro, AR – The Jonesboro Radio Group has recently finalized its transition to 100% High Definition (HD) FM service across all six of its radio stations. The latest development occurred when a new transmitter, equipped with HD technology, was installed on KEGI (100.5 The Eagle). KEGI now joins KDXY (104.9 The Fox) and KJBX (Mix 106.3) in broadcasting in both HD and traditional analog formats, along with three multicast channels (KDXY-HD2 Hot 107.5; KDXY-HD3 EZ 92.7; and KJBX-HD2 98.5 The Outlaw).

HD Radio, operating alongside traditional analog radio, provides additional digital content while preserving original analog signals. The audio quality on HD Radio is generally superior to that of standard terrestrial systems. It is important to note that HD Radio is distinct from satellite radio, as it complements existing terrestrial broadcasts and is a free service, while satellite radio requires a paid subscription and relies on different technology and content delivery methods.

According to Trey Stafford, President/General Manager of the Jonesboro Radio Group, the company had committed to investing in the transition to HD as early as 2009. Each station’s transition required an investment of approximately $175,000. Industry leaders have reported that around one in five vehicles on the road is now equipped with HD Radio.

In the Jonesboro market, KIYS is currently the only other station broadcasting in HD Radio.

With enhanced audio quality and the ability to offer additional digital content, the radio stations aim to meet the evolving needs of their audience.

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