Jonesboro man acquitted of Terroristic Act in Redwolf Blvd shooting

Xavier Brown, 31, of Jonesboro was acquitted by a Craighead County jury late Friday night of Terroristic Act related to a January 31, 2022 traffic shooting on Red Wolf Boulevard in Jonesboro. 

The jury did find him guilty of aggravated assault and criminal mischief, giving him a $1,000.00 fine only on each count. The jury declined the State’s request to sentence him to 12 years in prison, opting for a fine and probation only.

Brown was defended at jury trial by attorneys Mark Rees of Jonesboro and Zach Morrison of Lake City. 

“What is so astonishing about this case is that the man who walked up to my client’s car while stopped at the busiest intersection in Jonesboro, opened his door, beat him, and pulled him out of his car, was never arrested. He is receiving no accountability and has been called a ‘victim’”. Rees said. “And afterwards, that man and the government want to cry foul that my client stood his ground and defended himself with his firearm. Our client is the true victim here.”

Morrison said the jury verdict is simple. 

“The jury verdict and sentencing speaks loudly — the government should have never brought this case to a jury trial. It took three days and was a complete waste of taxpayer resources, especially when our client was willing to accept probation on the front end. The State insisted on prison time, the but community has spoken in this matter, disagreeing. We thank the jurors for their time and careful consideration.”

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