Two cases, two ACT 946 convictions in NEA

Marion, Ark. – Prosecutors secured two convictions in separate cases this week where both convicts will serve their full sentence without the possibility for early release.

Michael Trail and Wesley Watts—deputy prosecuting attorneys—each secured an Act 946 conviction this week. Under Act 946, a person convicted as a felon in possession can be ineligible for parole.

Trail prosecuted 33-year-old Odell Lewis in Clay County, and Watts prosecuted 30-year-old Jesse Alan Munoz in Greene County. Lewis and Munoz pleaded guilty, and they’ll serve every day of their sentences, a press release said.

On December 31, 2021, a Corning Police Department aggravated-robbery investigation led to Lewis. Under Lewis’s vehicle passenger seat, police found a .40 caliber pistol, which the victim identified as the one used in the robbery. On Tuesday, the circuit court sentenced Lewis to eight years imprisonment plus ten years suspended.

On January 1, 2022, a Greene County sheriff’s deputy stopped Munoz and found a handgun and a syringe containing suspected methamphetamine residue. On Monday, the circuit court sentenced Munoz to 30 months imprisonment plus 90 months suspended.

Prosecuting Attorney Keith L. Chrestman issued the following statement:

“Act 946 is making a positive difference, and thanks to Trail and Watts and their use of this new legislation, their communities are safer. My office will continue to work with local law enforcement and prosecute Act 946 cases to reduce lawlessness throughout our district.”

Prosecuting Attorney Keith L. Chrestman

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