Officer gets 22 hour suspension without pay for slam seen in viral video

An officer seen on video slamming a suspect following an argument will face disciplinary action and corrective training.

On Tuesday, July 19, JPD quietly updated an earlier post from July 12 stating the internal investigation into this incident had concluded with the decision to place Officer Joseph Harris on a 22 hour suspension without pay. Patrol Officer Harris is currently on leave, the post stated, which started on Monday, July 11.

He will also receive further training on de-escalation, use of force, and other applicable department policies, the department announced.

Harris was working security at the Midnight Rodeo private club, 2801 Fair Park Boulevard, when the incident took place, the Jonesboro Sun reported. The video has over one million views on Facebook.

We are aware and very concerned about the use of force incident that occurred on July 10th in the parking lot of a Jonesboro night club and started circulating on social media this past weekend. Upon learning of this event, we immediately began an investigation into the level of force used by the officers involved during the arrest.

The primary officer in the incident was placed on administrative leave on Monday pending the outcome of this investigation. We will post an update once the investigation has concluded.

July 12 Statement

Blake Arnoult, 21, of Fayetteville and Nicholas Anthony Silva, 21, were the two arrested in the video, with Silva being the man who was taken down. Charges listed in the report include public intoxication and disorderly conduct, as well as resisting and obstructing for Silva. Both are represented by Rees Law Firm.


  1. He should have gotten a medal but law enforcement in Jonesboro is being messed up like in the bigger liberal hell holes now. Do the right thing in spite of bad leadership, blue lives do matter.

    • You sound like you belong here. Enjoy your amazing JPD, I hope when you need them you get treated the same way.

  2. Excessive force is excessive… If he abused his power he should be fired, not “trained” for discipline, that’s a joke. Bono police are the worst, I will admit. They’ll pull you over for anything, and search your car claiming they can smell Marijuana. They pulled my grandmother out of her car and searched it, only to find nothing (obviously) JPD, and BPD are as corrupt as they come for these small towns. Power hungry cops should not be hired, especially after they prove that is the case. Not all are bad, but the majority think they are the law, rather than enforcing it.

  3. It appears to me the officer got mad at some people asking questions, lost his temper like a very unprofessional arrogant person and went after a bystander who continued to ask questions. The officer was way to rough on the man to say the least. He needs anger control classes or a different career.

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