JPD investigating slam by officer seen on video; Statement released

The Jonesboro Police Department issued a statement on Tuesday regarding the video of an officer body slamming a young man following a verbal dispute last weekend in Jonesboro.

We are aware and very concerned about the use of force incident that occurred on July 10th in the parking lot of a Jonesboro night club and started circulating on social media this past weekend. Upon learning of this event, we immediately began an investigation into the level of force used by the officers involved during the arrest.

The primary officer in the incident was placed on administrative leave on Monday pending the outcome of this investigation. We will post an update once the investigation has concluded.

JPD Official Statement

The full incident report was released on Monday by JPD.

NEA Report requested any relevant body camera footage but the case was under an internal investigation. Because of this, footage could not be released, a public information officer said.

The Jonesboro mayor, Harold Copenhaver, expressed concern at both the officer and the citizens’ actions in the video through the city’s spokesman, Bill Campbell. He is awaiting the results of the internal investigation, Campbell also said.

On July 19, the results were announced.


  1. Cop needed paid time off. He got it and they will find no wrong doing. We investigated ourselves and all was preachy.

  2. Kid cop lost control… I understand he was irritated at suspect but there was no since in slamming another kid to ground..

  3. Kid cop lost control… I understand he was irritated at suspect but there was no sense in slamming another kid to ground..

  4. Kid was warned should of moved on but insisted on continuing to obstruct and not minding his own business. Kid got what he deserved by his own doing.

    • You’re right, Jeff. The turdbreaths on here hating on the cops are just the same idiots as got arrested thinking they can “win” if they keep bleating and mooing and coomplaining. Good people, kids and otherwise, would have been home or doing good things for others, not out drunk and causing problems.

  5. Scumbag! It’s called de-escalation and you either have the ability or your just another piece with a badge and a gun that can’t think of anything other than, none of your business, over and over and over. This officers behaviour is “The” Reason police officers are so disliked, shot at and often killed

    • You and your fellow criminals are “The” Reason police officers are so disliked, shot at and often killed”

  6. The Kid was warned several times and should have moved on !!! The young man continued to obstruct . People have to understand to just step back and follow orders of the police. The police have a very stressful job, and they have the upmost authority at the time .

    • Right again, Travis, but the deadheads who make the cops’ job stressful are too stupid to think about what they are doing, like the morons on here trying to cause trouble for the cops who were doing a good job. Jonesboro is as bad as places like NYC, etc., now, just on a pissant scale.

  7. Nobody is even commenting on the fact that once again a drunk and disorderly violent mob had congregated on private property here in Jonesboro. They should all have been arrested and still be in jail. Thanks to the officers who were at least trying to clean off some of the questionably human sewage.

  8. We let those hoe get away with that we need to put real stop to back any means necessary talking about it what is it doing.

    • Son, if you want to ever be a legal American citizen you need to go to school and learn English. Just sayin’….

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