Retiring and Veteran Faculty Members Recognized during Honors Convocation

JONESBORO – Eleven faculty members who are retiring during the 2021-22 academic year were recognized for their longtime service and contributions to Arkansas State University during the annual Faculty Honors Convocation.

Each person retiring with 10 or more years of service also is awarded emeritus status.

Dr. Bill Stroud, professor of geography, has the longest term of service, with 54 years, followed by William Rowe, professor of art, with 45 years, and Dr. Catherine Calloway, professor of English, with 39 years.

Other retirees recognized during the Convocation of Scholars event, along with title and length of service at Arkansas State, were:

— Dr. Robert Schichler, professor of English, 33 years

— Dr. Mary Donaghy, associate professor of sociology, 29 years

— Dr. Kevin Humphrey, associate professor of agriculture education, 28 years

— Dr. Gayle Williams, instructor in English, 28 years

— Dr. Patricia Guy-Walls, associate professor of social work, 28 years

— Craig Collison, associate professor of music, 24 years

— Dr. Kim Pittcock, associate professor of horticulture, 24 years

— Dr. Elizabeth Hood, distinguished professor of agriculture, 18 years

In addition, several individuals who have attained service milestones of 35, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 years were recognized, along with those with 31, 26, 21, 16 and 11 years of service who were not recognized last year due to the pandemic.

Those recognized and their academic areas are:

35 Years: Dr. Mary Jane Bradley, education; Dr. Michael Spikes, English; Dr. William Maynard, history.

31 Years: Elizabeth Rollins, medical imaging-radiation; Jeff Bailey, Ellis Library; Dr. Kristin Biondolillo, psychology; Dr. Ronald Johnson, biological sciences.

30 Years: Dr. Benjamin Rougeau, chemistry; Dr. David Harding, political science; Dr. David Holman, Center for Excellence in Education; Dr. Jerry Farris, biological sciences.

26 Years: Dr. Michael Bowman, media and journalism.

25 Years: Dr. Amany Saleh, Center for Excellence in Education; Dr. Bryan Moore, English; Dr. Catherine Reese, political science; Tracy Farmer, Ellis Library; Dr. Gina Hogue, Liberal Arts and Communication; Kent Gibson, mathematics; Dr. Janelle Collins, English; Dr. Jill Simons, University College; Dr. Kim Hester, management; Matthew Carey, music; Peggy Wright, political science; Dr. Ruth Owens, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Dr. Suzanne Melescue, mathematics.

21 Years: Rebecca Keith, physical therapy; Dr. Tom Risch, research and technology transfer.

20 Years: Arianne Pait, communication disorders; Dr. Gregory Hansen, English; Dr. Jackie McBride, teacher education; Dr. Joseph Key, history; Dr. Kenneth Carroll, music; Dr. Shawn Drake, physical therapy; Dr. Shivan Haran, engineering; Dr. Will McLean, provost’s office; Dr. Zelda McMurtry, teacher education.

16 Years: Dr. Brett Savary, Heaven Holloway, Dr. Hong Zhou, Lori Gatling.

15 Years: Dr. Aiqun Hu, Dr. Cheryl DuBose, Deanna Barymon, Donna Parker, Dr. Erick Chang, Dr. Hans Hacker, Dr. Jollean Sinclaire, Dr. Lance Bryant, Michele Johnson and Dr. Timothy Oliver.

11 Years: Dr. Amy Buzby, Dr. Amy Shollenbarger, Anna Kausler, Dr. Anne McGee, Dr. Annette Hux, Dr. Jake Qualls, Dr. Jonathan Merten, Dr. Karen McDaniel, Rachel Garner, Dr. Rodney Carmack, Sheena Gammon, Dr. Virginie Rolland.

10 Years: Dr. Anahita Izadyar, Dr. Asher Pimpleton-Gray, Dr. Bradley Rawlins, Dr. Brinda LeGrand, Clinton Vogus, Dr. Cristy Phillips, Debra Barnett, Dr. Jacob Caton, Dr. Joy Good, Kerri Bennett, Dr. Koushik Biswas, Dr. Larry Morton, Dr. Laurie Umansky, Melanie Mata, M. Joe Ford, Dr. Michele Merritt, Dr. Rejoice Addae, Dr. Sarah Labovitz, Dr. Shanon Brantley, Sharla Felkins, Dr. Susan Whiteland, Dr. Thilla Sivakumaran, Toccara Carter, Tracy Klotz and Dr. Vicent Moreno.

Emeritus faculty members include (from left) Kim Pittcock, Catherine Calloway,
Craig Collison, Bill Stroud and Elizabeth Hood
Chancellor Kelly Damphousse congratulates Robert Schichler
Patricia Guy-Walls

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