Jonesboro shooting suspect killed after stand-off with Mississippi authorities

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A shooting suspect is dead after a stand-off with out-of-state authorities that ended in the man firing at officers and them returning fire, according to the officers involved.

Jonesboro Police first worked the scene of a shooting Friday night in the 1800 block of Highland Drive, the address of Walmart.

Around 9:49 p.m., police were notified that a female had been shot in the parking lot. The victim was airlifted to Memphis for further treatment. She has since been released from the hospital.

Detectives began their investigation. Police quickly released information that they didn’t believe the act to be random. There was thought to be some type of connection between the assailant and the victim.

Police located the suspect, Quentin Bogard, Saturday afternoon at a motel in Canton, Mississippi. Bogard barricaded himself in a room and after a 3-hour standoff, he fired upon police, according to a press release from authorities. Police returned fire and mortally wounded the suspect, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson in Mississippi.

Quentin Bogard

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