Woman shoots man breaking into home; Rash of vehicle thefts; More reports released Wednesday and Thursday by JPD

The following are summaries of police reports released Wednesday and Thursday, 1/13 and 1/14, by the Jonesboro Police Department. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty in court. 

A man was shot on 1/11 at the 500-block of N. Caraway Road in Jonesboro in what police are now investigating as self-defense. A 33-year-old female first called 911 to report an unwanted guest, saying that a 37-year-old male was at her door and possibly trying to kick it in. The man was thought to have some sort of previous relationship with the woman. The next 911 call was that the unwanted guest was now a shooting. After the man forced entry into the home, the woman shot him. Police are investigating the case and no arrests were noted in the report.

A vehicle was stolen from a residence at the 900-block of W. Jefferson Avenue after 7 AM on 1/12. It was a red Ford F-150.

A vehicle was stolen overnight between 1/11 and 1/12 at the 2000-block of W. Nettleton Avenue. It was a black 2006 Nissan Maxima.

Another stolen vehicle was reported overnight, possibly in the early morning hours of 1/12, at the 1900-block of Links Street. A silver 2016 Toyota Camry was stolen.

A search warrant executed after 4 PM on 1/12 at the 1500-block of Arrowhead Farm Road resulted in an arrest for several possession charges with purpose to deliver of Timothy F. Hodgekiss, 58, of Jonesboro.

A residential burglary was reported late 1/12 or early 1/13 at the 600-block of Alfred Watkins. A side door was kicked in and items, including a gun, were stolen.

A vehicle was stolen overnight 1/12-1/13 from the 1500-block of Kathleen Street. It was a white 2016 Dodge Dart.

A residential burglary was discovered at the 2000-block of Belt that happened as far back as 11/24

An attempted residential burglary happened around 3 AM on 1/13 at the 2900-block of Patricia Cv.

A woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to cash an altered check to the tune of $5,000 around 2:20 PM on 1/13 at the 2400-block of E. Highland Drive. Rebecca Anne Moody, 30, was arrested for second degree forgery.

A catalytic converter theft was reported between 1/8 and 1/13 near the intersection of Red Wolf Blvd and Stallings Lane.

Two suspects were arrested after a police report said one or both stole a vehicle and attempted to sell it to a used car dealer. Gary Dewayne Smith, 32, of Saltillo, MS and Lesonya Carson Whitehead, 46, of Harrisburg, were arrested.

An unknown suspect stole a trailer from the 8400-block of CW Post Road between 1/7 and 1/13.

An unknown suspect shot at a house approximately five times while residents were inside around 10:25 PM on 1/13 at the 2300-block of Westacre Drive. No one was injured.

An aggravated robbery of a cab driver was reported early 1/14 around the intersection of Curtview and Race. A suspect pointed a gun at the victim and demanded cash.


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  1. Make sure that they are in your home before you shoot. If they leave after being shot, drag them back inside if possible. A Baxter county sheriff’s deputy told me that years ago. I suggest that you upgrade your security on all doors and windows.This is very simple and inexpensive also!

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