Police arrest man at bank for fraud; Other reports released Friday by JPD

The following are police reports released by the Jonesboro Police Department on January 7, 2021. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in court.

Between 5 AM and 8 AM on 1/7 at the 1900-block of E. Johnson Avenue, a home was burglarized and a PS4 was stolen.

Several instances of financial identity fraud were reported last week in Jonesboro. In one instance, a suspect transferred $2,000 between accounts without authorization. Another case saw a suspect make online orders using the victim’s back account.

Tech Tip: Every online account that has your bank information should have a different password. Write them down in a notebook. If one is compromised, you won’t be an easy target for hackers. Don’t use the same password everywhere! – Stan Morris | NEA Report

A residential burglary was reported between 2 AM and 4:25 AM at the 3300-block of Turtle Creek Road with suspects entering a residence through a garage and stealing clothing.

A man was arrested at the bank after he allegedly tried to cash three stolen checks on Thursday, 1/07. The check numbers were 1378, 1381, and 1382, which the suspect allegedly tried to cash all at once. At 12:44  PM, Officer John Eidson Jr. responded to 3505 E. Johnson Avenue. Brian D. Byrd, 22, of Trumann, was arrested for second degree forgery – a felony.

Financial crimes continued to be reported on Thursday with a suspect allegedly forging an electronic payroll check sometime after 1 PM, a report at the 3100-block of E. Nettleton said. A female suspect allegedly forged an e-check she cashed for $1,297.64. No arrests were listed.

A report at about 1:31 PM on 1/7 at the 4400-block of Harrisburg Road alleged that a man put a pistol to a woman’s rib cage during a domestic dispute. No arrests.

A victim reported his money card account was accessed and money stolen Thursday morning.

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