Man reported with pants down at park; Burglaries and break-ins; Reports released Wednesday and Thursday by JPD

Reports released Wednesday

A burglary took place between 11/7 and 11/10 at the 3200-block of Race Street. $500 in female jewelry was stolen.

Suspects broke a fence on school property at Ridgefield Christian between 2 AM and 3 AM at the 3800-block of Casey Springs Road.

Another catalytic converter theft happened in Jonesboro, this time between 10/27 and 11/10 at the 3100-block of Dan Avenue.

A residential burglary was reported to have happened on 11/9 at the 600-block of Warner Avenue. A suspect entered through the back door and stole a safe and medication, the report said.

A residential burglary was reported between 1 PM and 2 PM Tuesday at the 3400-block of Race Street.

A residential burglary was reported at a home at the 2400-block of East Johnson Avenue in Jonesboro. It took place between 9/17 and 11/10, the report said. Over $20,000 in property was reported stolen.

Reports Released Thursday

A report said between 11/9 and 11/11 at the 2300-block of East Highland Drive, $10,000 in property was stolen. The property included concrete pedestals for statues and bronze horse statues.

A report alleged that a male in his 60s was found in Craighead Forest Park with his pants down around 2 PM Wednesday. The complainant said the man would watch her children for 30-60 seconds and drive behind the bathrooms. The police did not make any arrests. Much of the report was masked.

A residential burglary was reported after 5 PM on Wednesday at the 400-block of Melrose Street.

A search warrant was executed between 6 PM and 7:23 PM at a location masked by police in Jonesboro. Authorities were investigating suspected drug dealing but much of the information in the report is masked and no arrests were publicly visible.

A report alleged a suspect pointed a gun at a victim after 7 PM at the 3700-block of Holland Drive.

A residential burglary reported Wednesday night after 8 PM at the 5100-block of Harrisburg Road involved a suspect entering a home and hitting a man. Adrian Garner, 43, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A man was arrested on charges including possession of meth with intent to deliver during a traffic stop Wednesday night before 9 PM near Johnson and Culberhouse in Jonesboro. Gerald Hutchens, 55, of Weiner, was arrested.

A vehicle break-in was reported around 7:20 AM Thursday at the 2500-block of Paradise Hills Ln.

Another was reported between midnight and 6 AM Thursday at the 4600-block of Lochmoor Cir.


  1. Redneck Forest Park is different than it was three years ago. Now, after dark , you’ll see a large group of young black people partying at the kid’s fishing area sometimes until midnight! The people parked in their campers and RV’s and mobile homes make excessive noise way after the appointed time to be quiet!
    Dog’s without leashes running loose and chasing the geese. And, tremendously rude visitors stomping through the campsites and disturbing the one’s who their for solitude!?!? Also, members of the gay community often gather there. The Hosts, the older couple ,are extreme assholes for certain ,and made my visit last year very stressful.

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