Police pursue vehicle break-in suspects; Scrap metal thieves; More reports released Friday by JPD

Someone stole metal pipes from outside of a shop between 10/9 and 10/15 at the 5500-block of Krueger Drive in Jonesboro.

A home was burglarized sometime Wednesday evening at the 1300-block of South Church Street. Cash, ID cards, bank cards and other items were stolen.

A home was burglarized sometime between Tuesday night, 10/13, and Thursday morning at the 900-block of Warner Avenue in Jonesboro. A TV was stolen.

A victim reported his motorcycle stolen out of his backyard last week – although the theft itself is thought to have happened between 10/7 and 10/8 at the 1300-block of Magnolia Road. A red/black 2007 Honda CRV motorcycle was stolen.

Sometime between 10/11 and 10/13 at the 2400-block of East Matthews Avenue, a suspect stole a reported $1,000 from a safe of a business.

A felony private property hit and run was reported after 2 PM Thursday at the 1000-block of South Gee Street. A woman came out of the grocery store to find her vehicle damaged on the back driver side door. Someone hit her and fled the scene.

Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning on Willow Creek, someone stole a white 2008 Chevy Tahoe with a crack in the passenger side headlight.

A man was arrested on allegations he attacked his fiancé when she arrived home and choked her to the point of her having immediate noticeable bruises on her throat according to the responding officer. Ryne Lee Whitsett, 29, of Jonesboro, was arrested on an aggravated assault on a family/household member charge.

Two 16-year-olds, one of whom was carrying an airsoft pistol, were pursued early Friday morning around 2:19 AM at the 700-block of Southwest Drive after a report of a vehicle break-in in progress. However, no arrests were noted.

A black Ruger AR-15 was reported stolen Friday morning between midnight and 7:23 AM at the 4100-block of Willow Creek Lane.


  1. Two 16 year olds out after 2 a.m. robbing and shooting and no arrests were made. The parents should be ashamed and so should JPD. No wonder Jtown is a crime cesspool.

  2. I believe in our police with all my heart may they be blessed by our Lord they go on duty everyday and night to be saving mankind and putting there life in danger for a vary small amount of pay they deserve more money and respect my son is an offender my uncle die in the line of service at 32 yrs.old I’ve alway wanted to be a police officer I’m 61 and still would love to be there with my sons my name is ANTHONY Macchia my uncle in sufick county NY name was Carmen Macchia my son who I trained name Anthony macchia made so proud if I could have a chance the rest of my life would be fulfilled my phone number 870 710 2016 870 6479933 please let me in anyway I can help.yall are my brothers..it would the last thing in my life I could be proud off if there’s a way I’ll wait for a call.if not be proud be careful and remember there are ones like me out there my dream would be answered..

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