CVS robbery Friday; Illegal tattoo artists reported; Other reports released Monday by JPD

Illegal Ink

A report around 11 AM Friday alleges that a suspect was giving tattoos without a license at the 600-block of Stratford Drive. The Department of Health notified JPD of the incident. Most of the information was masked in the report. It’s being investigated as a felony.

It wasn’t the only one, either. Another similar report was made around 2 PM about a suspect allegedly providing tattoos without a license at the 2400-block of Sunnymeadow Drive.

Someone mailed a forged $2,550 check to a woman in Jonesboro with instructions to cash it. This is a common scam that leaves the person cashing the check indebted to the bank due to the check coming back as a phony. The woman wisely notified JPD.

A vehicle theft happened around 1:30 PM Friday at the 600-block of Warner Avenue. A man was trying to boost a friend’s car battery and left the vehicle running outside for ten minutes. He returned outside to find it stolen. The vehicle was a 2002 maroon Ford F-150 with dark tinted windows. The passenger side dash was busted on top close to the windshield.

A call in reference to a disturbance on Gladiolus Drive around 3:48 PM Friday led to one being arrested on a felony charge. Imani Alexus Williford, 22, of Forrest City, was arrested for causing over $1,000 damage to a car including damage to the windshield and back glass and the convertible’s soft top cover, too.

  • A vehicle break-in was discovered Friday around 5 PM, having happened in the day before, at the 1100-block of Walker Pl. A firearm was stolen during this incident.
  • A vehicle break-in was reported early Saturday at the 2100-block of Alex Drive, with a substantial theft occurring to the felonious degree

CVS Robbery

An armed robbery took place at CVS Pharmacy, Southwest Drive, before 7 PM Friday. The report states that a suspect robbed the store wielding a handgun.

Officers heard the dispatch to a robbery in progress over their radio at about 6:40 PM. They arrived to find a young woman who worked at the store visibly upset and shaken from the terrifying experience.

Surveillance video captured some of the incident. The only information listed about the suspect is that it was a black/African American male. However, the suspect pulled up to the store in a black four-door passenger car on the north side of the building. He entered the store and walked around until other customers left. He approached the clerks and showed them the handgun, demanding money from the cash registers. After getting the money, the suspect walked out of the store, got back into his vehicle, and headed westbound on Highland Drive.

A shooting incident took place Friday evening around the 7 PM hour at the 3300-block of Fairview Drive. The report states that a suspect fired a weapon at victims and later attempted to shoot herself. Charges being investigated include felony terroristic act, felony unlawful discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident. The complainant in the report said the suspect shot at him seven times. Dasia Pfeifer, 20, of Jonesboro, was arrested

Daniel Irwin, 40, of Trumann, was arrested for allegedly attempting to shoplift an estimated $200 in items from Walmart on Highland Drive Friday night.

A traffic stop shortly before midnight Friday on Johnson Avenue near the intersection of Main resulted in all three vehicle occupants being arrested for drug and firearm charges. Tavis Martin Valdery, 28, of Jonesboro; Kenneth Carvet Thompson, 31, of Blytheville; and Demetris Domnique Martin, 24, of Jonesboro, were arrested.

A report around 11 AM Saturday alleged that a suspect threatened a woman and shot a gun in her presence near Race and Richardson.

A report alleges a stabbing happened Saturday afternoon in Jonesboro. Around 1 PM at the 1000-block of South Culberhouse, police responded. They were told that a large group, led by a 46-year-old suspect, had showed up to the house yelling and wanting to fight. After a fight broke out, the suspect allegedly stabbed a victim in the chin. The injury was described by authorities as minor, fortunately. No arrests were noted.

A residential burglary was reported before 1 PM at the 1900-block of East Johnson Avenue.

Suspects cut the fence and stole property from Walmart sometime between Friday night and Saturday afternoon on West Parker Road in Jonesboro.

A three-year-old child was left unattended at a hotel in Jonesboro. The report, around 3 PM Saturday, was mostly masked.

A traffic stop for an improper license plate display and no expiration tag resulted in two arrested on charges that included possession of meth with intent to deliver. Sherman F. Rowden, 49, and Jessica Lee Moore, 39, were arrested, the report said. The charges also included driving without a license, fictitious tags, and no proof of insurance.

A man was arrested late Saturday night near Clover and Parkwood on possession of meth with intent to deliver and felony terroristic threatening charges. Billy Vaughn Harmon, 44, of Bay, was taken into custody.

A man was arrested on allegations he pulled a mailbox out of the ground and used it as a weapon to damage a vehicle around 2:30 AM Sunday at the 3500-block of Nelms Street in Jonesboro. Leevester Richards, 50, of Jonesboro, was arrested for felony criminal mischief.

Several instances of vehicle vandalism were reported over the weekend in Jonesboro. At least one rose to the felony level with over $1,000 in damages being caused.

A residential burglary was reported Sunday morning at the 300-block of Nisbett Street.

Another catalytic converter theft happened between Friday and Sunday at the 700-block of Strawn.

A 31-year-old woman claimed a suspect held a gun to her head and made threats to kill her. However, she told police she did not want to pursue criminal charges and seemed to not want to cooperate with police. The case was determined to be unfounded and the investigation terminated at her request.


  1. Look at all this criminal activity and remember it’s just the tip of the iceberg, only what your liberal lunatic mayor and police chief can’t keep a secret. Decent officers not allowed to do their job is turning Jtown into another NYC or Chicago. Jtown is lost to decent human beings. Have you seen the ballot this time? The sane, decent candidates are listed as republican while the insane liberal lunatic demoncRATS are so ashamed of what they are that they are calling themselves NONPARTISAN. Wake up, people! Get rid of the dirty damned yellow dog democrats while you still have the chance!!!!

    • Higher taxes, a dog park, bike and pedestrian trails, sidewalks. In relation to this article, exactly how would the “initiative” made anything different?

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