JPD seeks person of interest in theft case

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police in Jonesboro are asking for the public’s help.

A release on Monday asked for the public’s help with the identification of the person of interest connected to a “Theft of Property” case.


Police said this person walked into an office located at 1000 E. Matthews and accessed a desk located in the back of the building. She allegedly took four credit cards and used them at Walgreens located on Highland Drive.

If you think you know this person, give JPD a call (870-935-5657) or contact JPD on Facebook. Your tip could be worth cash.





  1. Damned shame that the females in Jtown are just as fat and ugly as the idiot males and are as criminal and violent now too.

  2. Even if I knew , I would not tell….
    I would Never assist the largest street gang in Craighead county , the JPD ! They lied to me simply because of where I live.

    • You’d be doing yourself and the rest of the community if you seek counseling then Stuart. You really need help.

      • My comment was that you’d be doing yourself and the rest of the community a huge favor if you seek counseling Stuart. I weep for you.

      • Discrimination due to a person’s residence is not something I digest properly. The officer’s that lied to me whenever I was physically assaulted Tuesday night need counseling. A known felon and career criminal punches a 58 year old veteran in his face , and it is immediately dismissed , because I reside in low rent housing. I’ll surely recover by the grace of God , but I will never forget!

        • By the grace of God? God said forgive as you wish to be forgiven, to love your enemies, to leave any and all revenge to Him. I hope and pray you recover and feel better, whatever you decide to do, but hate only destroys the hater. Thank you for your service.

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