$20K in cash reported stolen from home; $4,000 duped from Walmart; Plus other weekend reports released by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Weekend crime reports varied from large thefts to a shooting incident to the arrest of a teacher.

Reports released Monday by JPD

A front window to a local business appeared to have been shot out sometime Thursday night or Friday morning at the 400-block of Southwest Drive.

A residential burglary was reported in which a man reported a female suspect entered his home and destroyed his 60 inch TV. The possible dates indicated it happened sometime last week at the 1700-block of Overhill Road.

A scam was reported Friday afternoon involving crooks using the address of a local business, Hytrol Conveyor Company, and claiming to be part owners. The scammer duped a woman into depositing a fake check for $5,000 that she then ended up responsible for covering after spending the money.

A residential burglary report filed on Friday indicated severe damage was caused to a residence between July 19 and August 4 at the 3100-block of Ashwood Drive.

A vehicle break-in was reported Friday around 3 PM at the 400-block of W. Forrest St. Another was reported later in the day at the 4100-block of Aggie Road in which suspects damaged a victim’s tire and stole property from the vehicle.

A report alleges $20,000 in cash was stolen from a Jonesboro man’s home between August 5 and August 14. The incident was at the 3300-block of Richardson Drive. A female suspect with identification masked was noted in the report.

A 20-year-old female employee of Academy Sports was reported to have been caught stealing several items from July 9 to present from the business. The total exceeded $1,000.

A traffic stop between 5 and 7 PM at the intersection of Access and Apache resulted in an arrest for a felony warrant. The suspect allegedly also gave false identifying information, which constitutes obstructing governmental operations charges. Kierra Waynick, 30, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A white 2000 Honda Accord was reportedly stolen from the 500-block of Meadowbrook sometime during the day Friday.

A suspect was arrested on charges including kidnapping/false imprisonment, felony terroristic threatening, and battery Friday evening in Jonesboro. Rasheed Deshawn Hutchieson, 22, of Jonesboro, is alleged to have held a victim against her will with a pair of scissors Friday evening at the 2200-block of Spence Circle. The report indicated he faces an aggravated assault charge as well.

A vehicle was driven into a house Friday night before 11 PM at the 1700-block of Westwood Drive.

A domestic disturbance around 1 AM Saturday at the 1800-block of Wood Street involved police investigating a violation of a no-contact order, criminal mischief, battery, and false imprisonment charges. No arrests were noted.

While observing what appeared to be some type of exchange in a dark car at a hotel early Saturday in the area of Phillips and Caraway in Jonesboro, an officer ended up making an arrest on suspicion the suspect was dealing drugs. Ashley Williams, 33, of Trumann, was arrested with a FTA warrant and on revocation of probation charges as well as possession of meth/cocaine with purpose to deliver.

A school teacher was arrested Saturday on felony charges of sexual indecency with a child, child pornography, and internet stalking of a child after he’s alleged to have sent sexual messages to a 15-year-old female victim. Preston Harmon, 26, of Jonesboro, is listed as a teacher employed by Valley View. Officers were initially dispatched in reference to suicide threats. His bond was set Monday at $100,000, according to The Jonesboro Sun.

Two people were arrested for being unlawfully in a residence while in possession of felony drugs Saturday evening at the 1100-block of French Street. Kierra L. Jones, 30, and Percival Winfrey, 21, both of Wynne, were arrested.

A blue and white car dolly was stolen from the 1900-block of East Johnson Avenue, a report filed Saturday said.

A vehicle break-in was reported Saturday night after 9 PM at the 1100-block of West Oak Avenue. A purse was stolen. Another vehicle break-in happened between Saturday night and Sunday morning at the 500-block of North Caraway. A gun was stolen in that incident. A third vehicle break-in happened during the same time frame at the 1900-block of Winesap Road. A fourth vehicle had it’s driver side window busted out at the 800-block of Meredith. There were also reports of vehicle vandalism taking place Saturday night/Sunday morning.

A shooting incident took place around 2 AM Saturday at the 1000-block of Scott Street where the suspect allegedly shot at a victim while breaking into a car. No arrests were made and no injuries noted.

Two suspects deceived a cashier into giving them $3,990 Sunday afternoon at the Walmart on Highland Drive.

Four suspects reportedly stole an estimated $1,000 worth of clothing from Kohls around 5 PM Sunday.

A burglary at a residence at the 1200-block of Flint Street was reported Sunday. Several lawn maintenance items were stolen.



  1. Jtown looks just like the other liberal ghettos we are all seeing on the news any more. The idiot mayor will be wanting to defund the police next if he isn’t kicked to the curb. It’s not the cops’ fault that halfwits leave their firearms in their vehicles to be stolen by the garbage that will then use them to shoot up other people, their homes and their businesses. It’s bad enough so many rotten parents and their rotten kids run wild without anything being done. People need to get a vigilante mentality now, not later, or you can kiss goodbye what little good is left in this town.

  2. Dang, man, you people better start locking up your guns instead of leaving them for the Jtown trash to get hold of them.

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