$25,000 scam reported; Suspected drug dealer arrested at motel; Other reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

Reports released Tuesday

A man was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly attempting to steal a vehicle that was not his. Travis Jalynn Hillis, 22, of Tyronza, faces charges including felony parole violator, theft of vehicle, and criminal attempt along with various misdemeanors that include public intoxication. At 2:17 PM at the 3500-block of Race Street, police responded to find the suspect in a vehicle that did not belong to him. An officer threatened to use a taser on the suspect but he still did not comply, the report said, with the rest of it being masked as under investigation.

A report alleged a felony aggravated assault incident by a female suspect. At 3:04 PM at the 5900-block of Rees Road, a report alleged that a female suspect, 22, attempted to start a fight with victims. No other details were available.

A burglary was reported at Consolidated Youth Services Monday afternoon, suspected to have been committed by three juvenile residents at the facility.

A report stated that a disabled veteran was arrested for allegedly threatening nurses with a pocket knife Monday in Jonesboro. Around 3:15 PM at 4800-East Johnson Avenue, officers responded to a call in reference to a man with a knife. But while en route, dispatched advised the man was swinging the knife at nursing staff. James H. Jennings, 73, of Lepanto, was arrested for felony aggravated assault.

As much as $25,000 was scammed out of a victim between March and August, a report filed Monday said. The 79-year-old victim reported three suspects had scammed her out of up to the large amount of money. The case was being investigated by a detective Tuesday and all details were masked.

Reports released Wednesday

A driver’s side window was busted out early Tuesday between midnight at 6:14 AM at the 700-block of Perry Drive. Several items, including credit/debit cards, were stolen.

Package thieves have been reported several times in the past week in Jonesboro. One of the thefts happened Tuesday at the 600-block of Gladiolus Drive – a package of soundproofing foam wedge tiles.

An unwanted guest call at a local hotel resulted in a felony arrest for several types of drugs with the intent to deliver. Ronterris Farmer, 38, of Jonesboro, was arrested Tuesday morning at the 3400-block of Access Road. Police report he was found with ecstasy, methamphetamine, and marijuana, and charged him with intent to deliver on all of the drugs.

A residential burglary was reported at the 2200-block of Sybel Drive between July 28 and August 11 involving a washer and dryer being taken.

A suspect allegedly stole a vehicle from Central NIssan’s parking lot late night July 24, a report filed Tuesday said.

A commercial burglary and felony theft was reported at the 300-block of Steele Avenue between August 7 and August 11.

A suspect forged several checks then damaged an ATM machine belonging to Focus Bank around 2:30 PM Tuesday afternoon at the 400-block of Southwest Drive in Jonesboro. No arrests.

More catalytic converter thefts were reported this week in Jonesboro, happening between Sunday at noon and Tuesday evening at the 1600-block of Dan Avenue. Six converters were reported stolen, this time.

A residential burglary was reported between 8:30 PM Tuesday and early Wednesday at the 3700-block of Kristi Lake Drive. $2,500 in cash was reported stolen.




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