Altercations with knives; Candidate admitted after gun scare; Other reports released Friday and Monday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Reports released over the past several days by JPD vary from shooting incidents to aggravated assaults with knives.

Reports released Friday

A man who is alleged to have used an insurance company to have his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle towed Thursday in Jonesboro may face felony theft charges. It happened around 8 AM on French Street.

Several serious charges were being investigated in a report filed Thursday morning in Jonesboro. The incident, which occurred between 11 PM the night before and Thursday morning, is alleged to have involved a suspect choking and threatening a victim. The alleged victim said she was held against her will and beaten the night before, possibly constituting a felony kidnapping case. It was being investigated.

A 26-year-old on felony probation was arrested Thursday by police for marijuana and gun possession. The majority of the report was masked but it happened during a search warrant being executed by the Street Crimes Unit.

Someone stole a black 2001 Honda VCD motorcycle from the 400-block of Ridgecrest Street between Wednesday and Thursday.

A burglary was reported between Wednesday and Thursday at a home at the 1000-block of S. Nisbett Street.

A male suspect alleged to have hit a woman in the mouth during an argument was arrested Thursday evening a short distance away, on foot. James Ingram, 27, of Pine Bluff, was arrested for misdemeanor battery – but also for possession of a firearm by certain persons, possession of marijuana – and theft by receiving, since the gun was stolen.

A woman faced felony drug charges in addition to several misdemeanors after she’s alleged to have been driving while intoxicated and left the scene of an accident. However, no charges were ever filed in the case.

Reports released Monday

A traffic stop led to two arrests for felony meth possession Friday morning at the intersection of Highland Drive and Meltzler Lane. Jerry Arnold, 37, of Jonesboro, was arrested for felony possession of meth with intent to deliver. Dior Taylor, 30, of Little Rock, was arrested for possession of meth.

Two suspects stopped in a traffic stop were found to be in possession of felony drugs and paraphernalia Friday afternoon near Kitchen and Steele in Jonesboro.

A man reported his wife tried to run over him in a vehicle – but was adamant charges not be brought against her. He said he merely wanted to document the occurrence.

A vehicle was broken into/illegally entered at the 1200-block of Sandino Drive early Saturday, a report filed at about 1:30 AM indicated.

Candidate admitted following concerning behavior

A voluntary admissions report filed Saturday by JPD involved one of four candidates for mayor in Jonesboro. A relative of a law enforcement officer texted him a “911” message, prompting him to radio for officers to go to the house. The officer who arrived at the address on South Flint Street found a rifle leaning against the wall outside. The AR-15 was loaded with the selector switch set to fire. The officer cleared the round from the chamber and unloaded the weapon before placing it into the trunk of his patrol vehicle.

According to the report, the resident (who had text 911) heard a knock at the door and looked outside to see her neighbor, Amanda M. Dunavant, 33, of Jonesboro, carrying a rifle. Dunavant sat on the couch and the report said began saying things that did not make sense, such as people were out to kill her, she was in danger, and (accused criminal/former clerk) Kade Holliday had opened an account in her name with over $300 million inside. All throughout this, the report said she would place the barrel pointing at her own forehead.

Another officer on the scene reported Dunavant seemed to be in a paranoid state, either, “from a mental breakdown or possibly from ingesting narcotics.” After the officer spoke to her husband, he learned Dunavant had been acting very strange for the past week – since a female friend of hers began coming over around midnight.

Dunavant protested but relented and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

Authorities retained the rifle and asked family, who agreed, to remove all guns from the household.

Dunavant is one of four who have filed for the Jonesboro mayor’s race.

A vehicle break-in was discovered Saturday morning at the 5900-block of Rees Road. Also, at the 200-block of North Fisher Street, the 300-block of North Allis Street,

A suspect was alleged to have attacked a victim and pulled a knife out during the altercation Saturday morning at the 300-block of North Bridge Street. Reginald Kelly, 27, of Jonesboro, was arrested on a felony aggravated assault charge in addition to misdemeanors for public intoxication, assault on a family member (3rd degree), and endangering the welfare of a minor.

A shots fired incident was reported at about 12:15 AM Sunday in the area of the 2800-block of Breezewood Drive. Several officers heard it and responded but could not find any victims. A witness said she thought she saw a suspect firing a rifle at another subject on the ground nearby but no blood was located.

A suspect was arrested for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a knife early Sunday in Jonesboro. The felony aggravated assault on a family/household member arrest was made during the 3 AM hour at the 1800-block of East Parker Road. Bradley Dewayne Tucker, 32, of Jonesboro, was arrested on a parole violation as well. His bond is $25,000, the sheriff’s office reports.



  1. There you go ladies and gentlemen…. candidate for mayor of Jonesboro, Ar. I miss Perrin already.

  2. Makes you wonder how deep this goes …. who all is been stealing money from the city retirement funds?? Who has gotten rich in office here?

  3. I have been seeing things that looks hooky for some time. Bono lake is just one. The old fair grounds, where did all the money go from the real estate sales. Kinda fishy

    • Bono was just a pipe dream (That’s where the water went).
      On the fair grounds issue – that’s a good question

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