Pocahontas minister, three others arrested on meth charges

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – A Pocahontas minister was one of several arrested late Friday/early Saturday by the sheriff’s department in an alleged meth dealing scheme.

Jonathan Fears, 50, of Pocahontas, was arrested by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms. He was booked into jail at 3:47 AM, records show. Fears serves as minister for Skaggs Church of Christ and was leading online Bible study as recently as Wednesday night. He is also an owner and funeral director of a local funeral home.

David Liebhabher, 52, of Biggers, was arrested on the same charges as Fears. Jeremy Blackwell, 41, of Imboden, was arrested for possession of meth with intent to distribute and drug paraphernalia. Michael Jones, 38, of Imboden, was arrested on possession of meth, paraphernalia, battery, and fleeing.

Randolph County Sheriff Kevin Bell confirmed the arrests to NEA Report. He wrote in an update on social media that his deputies made a “good bust” Friday night on two traffic stops. The sheriff told our reporter he believes all of the arrests are connected.

Several thousand dollars in cash were recovered along with what appears to be a large bag of crystal meth, several syringes, numerous pills, and other items.

Source: Randolph County Sheriff Kevin Bell



  1. It’s a sad state of affairs when a preacher is involved in doing and distributing meth.

  2. “IF” only they would dig a little deeper and track where the meth came from and how it ended up in Randolph County. These days meth heads are not cooking they are buying imported and the importers are running business right out in public. No one seems to care how these businesses have very little traffic yet turn huge profits and every town has one or more.

  3. I don’t judge this man he made a mistake maybe he was needed to witness to if not he may become a witness for the state

  4. Not one person has had the guts to say anyone’s name on here. Man-up!!! If someone is an addict, chances are, they are going to relapse into their drug of choice, I don’t care how many days/months/years they have been sober. Rehabilitation is always the best answer. Not jail. Leave that for the violent offenders, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, etc. There definitely should be a separate system for people involved with drug offenses and convictions. It’s a whole mental and physical health problem. Our county has a great drug court, if people are willing to take it seriously.

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