Forgery reported against former county clerk; Woman shot in the head; Other reports released Friday and Monday

Reports released Friday and Monday by JPD show that law enforcement is remaining busy despite the changes to our ways of life in 2020. Reports here are dated from July 29 to August 3.

Vehicle break-ins:

  • Between Wednesday night/Thursday morning, 3300-block of S. Stadium
  • Between Thursday night/Friday morning at the 5900-block of Rees Drive
  • Thursday afternoon at the 2600-block of Willow Road
  • Between Thursday/Friday, someone stole a gun from a vehicle at the 3300-block of Harrisburg
  • Between Saturday and Sunday, someone broken into a vehicle and stole from it at the 2200-block of Spence Circle
  • Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a car was broken into at the 400-block of North Caraway Road.
  • Late Saturday/early Sunday at the 500-block of North Caraway Road, window broken out of vehicle and theft committed
  • Early Sunday morning at the 4000-block of Bobcat Meadow
  • During the day Sunday, tire stolen from vehicle at the 4400-block of Fox Meadow Lane

As has become the regular, more financial identity fraud cases were reported to police over the past few days. Dozens more have been added to the growing list JPD has taken this year.

A suspect is alleged to have forced entry into a home around 1 PM on July 28 at the 200-block of Belt (apartment unit). It’s being investigated for charges of aggravated burglary and aggravated assault. One alleged victim said she was held at gunpoint while her friend was robbed.

A stolen 2005 Chevy Impala, gray, was recovered by KEG towing at the 200-block of State Street shortly after noon on July 30. It was stolen out of Pocahontas.

A search warrant resulted in an arrest for possession of meth with intent to deliver Thursday afternoon around 1 PM at the 600-block of Stratford Drive. Christopher Wayne Pyle, 45, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A traffic stop Thursday evening at the intersection of Forrest St/N. Main resulted in an arrest of a suspect for selling drugs. After the police K9 gave a positive alert, authorities searched the vehicle and found a backpack with suspected meth, various pills, morphine, and a blue bank bag with $8640 in cash. Arron Blake Parker, 38, of Brookland faces numerous felony charges.

A suspect is accused of attempting to choke a female victim, pulling the victim’s hair, and breaking items in the victim’s home during a domestic dispute Thursday evening at the 5300-block of East Highland Drive. The suspect in the report is Bobby Joe Nutt, 38, of Jonesboro.

Between last week and the weekend, authorities made dozens of citations and arrests for failure to appear warrants.

More catalytic converter thefts were reported, this time at the 3100-block of Dan Avenue. The date of the crime wasn’t specific – happening between July 1 and July 23. Two were stolen.

A residential burglary report was filed indicating that between July 24 and July 26, someone entered a residence at the 700-block of Tall Oaks and stole a wedding ring.

County Clerk’s (Alleged) Crimes Continue

A report filed by a 34-year-old woman on Friday alleged that her name was signed by the suspect on a document, illegally. The suspect – former county clerk Kade Holliday. The report states that a name was forged on an application sent to the ABC Board to obtain a liquor license. The report lists the date of the crime between 10/01/2019 and last Friday – the date it was filed.

When officers arrived to a call shortly before 8 PM Friday evening at the 1300-block of Falls Street, it was in reference to violation of a no contact order. It quickly became a fight when attempting to arrest the suspect, the report said. Officers went to arrest Matthew Steven Jones and the report said he resisted arrest, attempting to strike officers. He was detained without injury and faces charges. Cynthia Ann Johnson was arrested for obstruction of governmental operations after police say she lied about the location of the suspect to attempt to conceal him. She was released from the scene.

A 40 cal. handgun was found at a residence on Race Street in Jonesboro Saturday morning. It had not been reported stolen at the time of the incident report.

An aggravated assault report around 9 AM Saturday  morning at the 1200-block of Charles Drive alleged a suspect pointed a firearm at the victim. The alleged victim, a 58-year-old black male, said an older white male in a silver pick-up pulled a gun while driving.

A patient allegedly bit a health care worker Saturday afternoon at St. Bernard’s Behavioral Health. Attacking medical personnel can constitute a felony second degree battery charge.

An early Sunday morning incident involved suspects fleeing from officers and then wrecking on Lawson Road. It started at 2:32 AM as a dispatch to Craighead Forest Park referencing a theft in progress. However, a gray 2015 Nissan Altima fled the scene. Cleveland Overton, 19, and Jarquavius Isah Cain, 19, were arrested after wrecking. They face misdemeanors and a felony for breaking/entering a safe. A three-foot tall safe was registered as evidence in the case.

Suspects went through mailboxes in the Wakefield subdivision between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a report filed with JPD said.

An aggravated assault with a vehicle was reported after 5 PM Sunday at Dudley and Race. The suspect left the scene of an accident with personal injury, a felony. The report also indicated methamphetamine may have been involved. No arrests.

A residential burglary report was filed Sunday evening at the 200-block of Center Street. The alleged victim said a suspect broke into his home and damaged his speaker system.

A late-night call just before midnight on Sunday reported a stabbing at the 1300-block of N. Floyd. The caller said a Hispanic male had stabbed a white male. However, it did not appear officers could locate the victim or a crime scene.

A report filed early Monday indicates a female victim, 21, suffered a gunshot wound to the head after 2 AM at the 1600-block of Rosemond. Most of the investigatory details are masked and a significant investigation appears to have been involved in the call. However, the case is being investigated as an incident and does not contain suspected criminal charges as of the last update to the report.



  1. Yep, Jtown is on the skids, getting worse every day. What’s it gonna take for the administration to get serious about crime? When they are the ones suffering with it? If this crap was happening to anybody they care about they’d be unleashing the law dogs in a big way instead of telling them to just let it go.

  2. All these people running for mayor say they want to make Jonesboro beautiful.I say that’s the last thing they should be worried about they should do everything they can to make Jonesboro safe again like it used to be.

  3. All these people running for mayor say they want to make Jonesboro beautiful.I say that’s the last thing they should be worried about they should do everything they can to make Jonesboro safe again like it used to be.

    • From what we see the officers are willing but the brass don’t want to make nobody mad to where they don’t vote to keep the same losers at the top.

  4. Jonesboro is not unlike most cities in America, going downhill fast and there is no stopping it. Like most places people get elected that can’t do anything else and have no common knowledge of real life or working people. They elect a clerk that Stevie Wonder could see was stealing and act shocked when he is caught. So look forward to things getting worse.

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