Harold Copenhaver announces campaign for Jonesboro mayor

press release

JONESBORO, AR –– Harold Copenhaver announced his campaign for Mayor of Jonesboro on Monday. “After considerable thought, prayer, and discussions with my family I am excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Jonesboro.”

Copenhaver, a former State Representative and current Senior Business Development Officer for Centennial Bank, pointed to his extensive experience in both the public and private sector as a key to ensuring Jonesboro continues a path of progress. “Jonesboro has experienced phenomenal growth over the last two decades and has quickly developed into an economic hub that is competing with cities across the nation for jobs in the technology and industrial fields. That does not happen by accident, it is a result of strong leadership that can build relationships, understands finances and business development.”

“My wife Kathleen and I are blessed to have our children and grandchildren live here in Jonesboro. Unfortunately, far too many of our best and brightest are forced to leave Jonesboro every year to build their careers elsewhere. As a city, we have to make Jonesboro more appealing to future generations if we are going to move in the right direction,” Copenhaver said. “We need improvements in quality of life, increased public safety, and to recruit companies that will offer good paying jobs in our community. As mayor, I will work alongside the citizens of Jonesboro to do that.”

Harold’s family are longtime residents of Jonesboro who have all attended Jonesboro Public Schools and Arkansas State University. He and his wife, Kathleen, are the parents to Lauren, Austin and Myles and the proud grandparents of three.

“After my wife and I made this decision I called Mayor Perrin to let him know of my plans. I am grateful for his leadership and believe he has done an admirable job running our city with integrity. I look forward to meeting with the voters of Jonesboro to discuss how we can continue to build upon the work that has been done.”


  1. Conservative republican or just another dirty yellow dog democRAT? If you admire what Perrin has done to Jonesboro, the future does NOT look bright for your campaign. No fence riding and waffling. We’re looking into you and your politics.

  2. Anybody praising what Perrin did can’t be a good choice. Jtown has gotten rotten to the core. I guess any decent people don’t want to have to clean up after Perrin.

  3. No, No, No. No more Harolds. The current one is a tax and spend tool, and is leaving land mines strewn in his path that will evetually finish the job of ruining a once-great city. Do not forget; Harold Perrin was in banking, too, and the big bankers and developers have OWNED the Mayor’s office for years. If for no other reason, think of the traffic congestion you face every day in every part of town these same bankers and developers have over-built in order to enrich themselves and their good old boy club.

    • Totally agree. Just like a liberal lunatic, wreck a place and then move on and try to get somebody just as bad in his place. Politics as usual. We do NOT need another politician!

  4. Let’s see how long it takes to blow the large reserve the city has stuck back under Perrin’s watch.

    • Who cares? The only reason there was a large reserve is because Perrin was raising taxes every time he farted and everybody around him knows that he is the Fartman on steroids. The only people who got ahead with Perrin in there were him and his good old boys.

  5. Another mealy-mouth advertising his bid for mayor on here is Andy Shatley. Check out his site and you will see he is very very careful to NOT give any real information about his politics or his plans to screw Jonesboro, does not claim to be a conservative (which Jonesboro desperately needs) and says the same crap you saw from Perrin on a local level and Obama-Biden on a Federal level. He does admit to being another damned politician and that is the last thing anybody/anyplace needs now. They don’t give a damn about America or Americans, only getting into office and living the high life off of the taxpayers they are persecuting.

    • Is Jtown now so rotten from bad leadership that no decent, intelligent human being is willing to run for mayor? The liberal lunatics will turn Jtown into a wasteland if somebody doesn’t step in the gap. If another screaming dimwitted Dem gets in there we are moving.

  6. Has anybody else even bothered to look at the ballot this time? The good candidates are listed as republican and everybody should vote for them if you want anything good to happen in Jonesboro, Arkansas in general, and the United States of America.

    ON THE OTHER HAND — the filthy, lying, cheating, self-only-loving scum won’t admit to being the DemonRATS they are and instead every damned one of them listed themselves as NONPARTSAN!!!!! This should not be allowed!!! A vote for any one of them is a vote to finish destroying law and order and decency in Jonesboro. Damn them!!!

    • Tell it like it is, voter. I’m just surprised your comments were left for everyone to see since the truth is not real popular in Jonesboro.

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