Thursday: 928 active cases, 130 new cases today; Jonesboro drive-thru COVID-19 tests to start Friday

Arkansas added 130 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, as reported by the governor.

1:30 PM

Cumulative Confirmed Cases: 4,366

Up 130 cases from yesterday

Deaths: 98

Recovered: 3,340

Total Active Cases: 928

305 in correctional facilities, 101 in nursing homes, 522 in the community

Total Tested: 75,818

Source: Governor’s press conference

6 PM


  • Craighead: 127 cases, 82 recoveries, 0 deaths, 2,146 negatives
  • Poinsett: 25 cases, 22 recoveries, 2 deaths, 312 negatives
  • Greene: 24 cases, 21 recoveries, 0 deaths, 1,118 negatives
  • Clay: 3 cases, 3 recoveries, 0 deaths, 376 negatives
  • Randolph: 22 cases, 19 recoveries, 0 deaths, 690 negatives
  • Lawrence: 72 cases, 51 recoveries, 4 deaths, 430 negatives
  • Crittenden: 219 cases, 184 recoveries, 7 deaths, 1,823 negatives
  • Cross: 35 cases, 23 recoveries, 0 deaths, 381 negatives
  • Jackson: 1 case, 1 recovery, 0 deaths, 164 negatives
  • Mississippi: 55 cases, 26 recoveries, 0 deaths, 609 negatives
  • Sharp: 36 cases, 6 recoveries, 2 death, 192 negatives

6 PM

United States: 1,417,889 positive

85,906 have died. 246,414 have recovered.

Global: 4,426,937 positive

302,493 have died. 1,588,502 have recovered.

Source: Johns Hopkins University.

Tracking the Growth

Friend of NEA Report Dr. Pat Carroll of Pocahontas is helping us track the data with numerous informational graphs, all updated daily at his website located here. 

Updated 2 PM May 14
Updated 2 PM May 14
Updated 2 PM May 14
Updated 2 PM May 14

Mayor: COVID-19 drive-thru tests to start Friday

press release

After months of short supplies, Jonesboro now has several ways to be tested for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Mayor Harold Perrin announced today that drive-thru testing will begin Friday, May 15, for anyone who meets CDC and Arkansas Department Health criteria, a list that including first responders, health care workers and anyone in the general public in high risk groups or symptoms of the coronavirus.

Testing will take place 7 a.m.-9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at the Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot at 1911 W. Parker Road.

To be tested at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, an appointment must be scheduled through eTrueNorth at At the website, you will answer questions to ensure you meet eligibility criteria. Those without internet access or who have trouble with the website can call 800-635-8611.

“This is an important addition to our testing capabilities,” Perrin said. “We have not had accurate numbers, and even our hospital leaders have been wanting more testing.

“My concern is getting our city to some semblance of normalcy, and that requires accurate information. I think more testing will provide everyone in Jonesboro more confidence about what they should and should not do as they continue to take precautions to reduce their risks.”

While testing is no cost to patients, those with insurance coverage will need to provide that information. Those who do not have coverage will need to note that.

After confirming an appointment time, those to be tested will need to bring confirmation of the appointment to the testing site, photo ID or proof of identity, wear a mask and stay in their cars. The test involves a nasal swab, which will be self-performed. Bring someone with you if cannot perform the test yourself.

The test site will be set up away from the store’s entrance so as not to interfere with shoppers.

Testing also continues to be provided by ARcare, at all four of its sites in Craighead County. Patients should call 870-347-3461 and schedule an appointment. Results come in within 24 to 48 hours, ArCare COO Chris Gibson said. No deductible is charged.

ARcare has facilities on North Church, Fox Meadow Lane and Washington Ave. Saturday clinics are available.

Starting Monday, people who have been contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms will be able to schedule an appointment at the Arkansas Department Health office at 611 E. Washington. Call 870-933-4585. Like the Wal-Mart location, tests at ADH will be self-administered from the patients’ cars, weather permitting, said Amy Howell of ADH.

Primary care physicians and hospitals also continue providing tests. For free online screening from St. Bernards, go to NEA Baptist providers are scheduling tests for established patients through drive-thru testing.

Those without a primary care provider can be seen at the NEA Baptist Windover COVID Clinic location by calling 870-936-7140. NEA Baptist is also seeing patients via video through its MyChart app. Drive-thru testing is available upon order from a provider.

All test results are returned to the patient and the state health department.



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