Jonesboro native Andy Shatley announces bid for mayor of Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro native Andy Shatley announced Monday he will seek the office of mayor of Jonesboro in the 2020 election.

“Many people think it’s time to pass the baton – and I agree,” Shatley said in a video posted to social media. “That’s why I’m excited to officially announce that I’m running for mayor of Jonesboro. I believe Jonesboro is at a cross roads and a new style of leadership is necessary. My campaign will focus on three pillars of success: trust, transparency, and teamwork. These pillars will serve as the backbone of a winning formula as we move forward together.”

A graduate of Nettleton in 1994, Shatley later attended Arkansas State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and his master’s in physical therapy. Shatley has worked for St. Bernards Sports Medicine since June, 2005 and lives in Jonesboro with his wife and two daughters.

Shatley told NEA Report on Tuesday he hoped to make a difference in the community he loves.

“For my entire life, people have been asking me if I would ever consider running for public office,” Shatley said. “My ultimate goal in life is to make a difference, and inspire others to join me. My mother says I’m a born leader; as usual, I believe her! I’ve contemplated public service for two years now. During the Team Jonesboro initiative, some of the issues and solutions for my hometown became clear to me: trust, transparency and teamwork. Informed citizens have a better relationship with local government, therefore making progress possible.”

Sources close to Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin say he plans to run for reelection but no official announcement has been made by Perrin’s campaign team. August is filing month for the race.


  1. I hope Andy wins and I hope he makes it a priority to make Jonesboro safe again like it used to be.It would be nice to have a mayor that put the citizens safety first.I hope he does something about the violent crime rate & gangs in Jonesboro because Jonesboro has one of the highest violent crime rates in America.We all know that the JPD and the mayor try to keep the crimes quite because they know if people find out how bad the crime is here no one will want to come to Jonesboro. I think some of the reason the crime here is so bad is because there is nothing here for our kids to do. They can’t even hangout with their friends in parking lots like we used to back in the day without the police harassing them. Andy knows that Jonesboro used to be a nice/safe place to live and raise a family but not anymore.I hope he can make it that way again.And please make the JPD get better training. I have never seen a police dept so afraid of the gangs in their town, they have no idea how to handle the problem.

    • The JPD won’t touch the gangs and outlaws because PERRIN and his Chief of Police won’t let them…Their afraid to upset them, that’s the ones who vote for them…Their Base.

  2. Are there any other choices out there? Can’t vote for Harold Perrin. Can’t vote for Andy Shatley because I know too much about his extracurriculars.

  3. Well hell Andy can’t be any worse than Perrin. I’d like to see a public debate between these two, let us the citizens ask the questions. Like I would like to know if he wins what is he going to do about the violent crimes that’s happening almost daily like the “killings,robberies,and gangs”?

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